The clock striking midnight on New Year's Eve marks a fresh start for most of us and signals the time for change that we'll make in the year ahead. This could mean many things, but, for some of us, this means a change in the workplace, career, or industry.

For candidates looking to boost their career prospects in the New Year, the preparation for a career change usually starts long before the festive season is underway.

The time is approaching

The process for securing your next role can be lengthy. It's important to consider the full process involved in finding a new job. Here are some of the things you can do now, to land a New Year's job faster when the time comes:

• Updating your CV.
• Registering with a recruitment consultancy.
• Meeting your consultant.
• Online and offline job search and networking.
• Applying for jobs and waiting for responses.
• The interview process – including second and third interviews and assessment centers.
• Your notice period.

Each of these stages can take at least a couple of days, depending on the times you are available to meet with consultants or potential employers. A lot of these, particularly the interview process and your notice period, could take a minimum of a month each.

Against the clock

Many hiring managers aim to get their teams set up in time for a new start in January, so a trend we're noticing amongst our clients is a desire to complete their recruitment processes in time for the end-of-year break. For clients, the headcount will have been signed off, and strategy and plans for next year in place by this time. Having said this, some organizations still choose to wait until January to begin their recruitment – so there can be a wave of new roles as the New Year starts.

This is beneficial for most candidates, as we have also noticed a spike in candidates searching for employment around the same time. Make sure you're prepared if the right opportunity catches your attention.

If you're aiming to start the New Year with a career change, get in touch with one of our specialist recruitment consultants today. We can help you kick-start your job search in the right way at

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