Sure, there are always trendy invented names and celebrity-inspired rising stars.

But there are also a handful of classic names we projected to increase in usage over the next decade. Get ready for a new generation of babies with these 10 classic names.

1) Anastasia
2) Declan
3) Eleanor
4) Eloise
5) Emmett
6) Ezra
7) Iris
8) June
9) Luca
10) Silas

Baby Names on Their Way Out

As new names take the stage, others must, by necessity, fade away. These 10 once-popular names have dropped precipitously over the past 10 years and may be headed on their way out.

1) Ashlee
2) Braeden and Braden
3) Breanna and Breona
4) Brenden and Branden
5) Isis
6) Jaydon, Jadon, Jadyn, Jaden, and Jaidyn
7) Devon and Devin
8) Kaitlin, Caitlin, and Caitlyn
9) Rachael
10) Shannon and Sean

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