A cycle of revolving doors that allows revisitation...

As a jack of many trades, Anthony Cherry, the self-proclaimed "King of Hair," doesn't play fair. Besides mastering hair, he has delved into writing and music as part of his passions.

Hailing from the streets of St. Louis to Los Angeles, Cherry lives by the quote, "Your gift will make room for other things." This statement embodies what Anthony's life has always been: a cycle of revolving doors that allows revisitation. Cherry enjoys being multifaceted because it keeps him youthful and on top of the latest trends. His life has been a testament to how light comes from dark times.

How did you get your start in industry avenues such as styling hair, writing, and music?

As a child, I witnessed my grandmother do hair in her salon, known as Velma's Salon, in St. Louis. I learned how to do various hair techniques on friends, such as bleaching, jerry curls, and cutting hair while attending beauty school. My interest in writing developed between the ages of 11-19 by being responsible for obituaries in my hometown. I got my big break with the help of a friend who was signed to Russell Simmons.

How did you develop the title From Rocks to Locs to Hollywood Royalty for your book?

The title of the book speaks to my life journey. I went from selling drugs to being referred to as the "King of Hair." I live by the saying, "If one vision comes to pass, then another will come to pass despite adversity."

Let's get into your music background. You signed your first record deal with Russell Simmons' label, Peter Role Records, in 2005. What takeaways/lessons did you learn from that experience?

My biggest takeaway is the best aren't always the best without having to do a few takes to get it right. Having confidence and being open to criticism has allowed me to never give up on my hopes and dreams.

Can you share challenges/successes of this career?

I've encountered challenges with being overbooked and choosing the right people to work with. The ultimate success of this profession is having the option to do what I want, which prepares me to be set up for a bigger scope.

As a well-rounded individual who wears many hats, tell me what you enjoy the most about singing, styling hair, and acting.

I enjoy singing because it sets me free, provokes emotions and feelings, and makes a person feel good. Styling hair provides the opportunity for me to be a beacon of light. Acting allows me to express myself and allows me the range to play diverse characters.

What are the biggest takeaways you want consumers to gain from reading your book?

I want consumers to remember a few key components: "If you see it, you can have it," "Stay inspired and dream big," and "Throughout adversity, you can be triumphant."

I know you're a force alone, and you're used to being in rooms with big names, but can we expect any collaborations with other musicians in the future?

I want to get into rapping more, but I have a song that involves collaborations – "Can't Nobody" featuring Pretty B and Bella Cash. I look forward to working with a previous label mate, Tierra Marie, and releasing K. Michelle's cover.

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