We all know and avoid the effects of eating something that has passed its expiration date. This avoidance also goes for our medicines, because the efficacy diminishes after it has passed its expiration date. But what about our makeup?

Most people don’t seem to realize that makeup too has the so called ‘best before’ date. Even those who are aware of product expiration dates still hold tight to old makeup, forgetting that using old cosmetics can be harmful to the skin.

Skin care products are made of various substances. While some cosmetics may be wholly organic, others make use of preservatives and chemicals. Although many ingredients used in making these products are generally approved by the governing agencies, they still can affect your skin differently, especially if it’s sensitive. When these products expire, they can cause even more harm to your skin.

What Happens When You Use Expired Cosmetics

Do you know that every product has a shelf life and survives only to a certain point before it becomes either tainted or simply ineffective for use? Even the best skin care products do expire. All expired products harbor dangerous bacteria that could infect your skin.0

Do you know that using old or expired products can result in serious skin problems such as allergic rashes, irritations, boils, and infection? Eye-related products such as mascara, kajal, and eye liner should be carefully maintained and disposed of earlier because of the possibility of contracting an eye infection.

Here are some possible side effects of using old or expired cosmetics:

  • Most people with sensitive skin develop an allergic reaction.
  • Expired cosmetics may cause skin rashes, irritation, and reddening.
  • Old mascara may lead to bacterial infection in the eye.
  • Using expired lipsticks can result in swelling, itching, and allergies in the lips.
  • Old or expired eye shadows usually lead to eye infections.

Know the Right Time to Dispose of Your Old Cosmetics

When your makeup expires or starts to look weird, the best thing to do is let it go. You do not want to cause any irritations to your face, which might be difficult to get rid of.
Here are some guidelines to help you determine the perfect time to dispose of those old beauty products and cosmetics that might look fine, but can harbor bacteria or cause long-term damage to your skin.

Check the Expiration Date

Do you know that cosmetic products don’t last forever? For this reason, always check the expiration dates. Dispose of any products that have expired, even if the tube or bottle is almost full. it’s also a good idea to toss anything else you haven’t used within six months.
All makeup products, from foundation to eye shadows, have a limited time-frame for use.

If you use them after they expire, you can harm your body and skin. Therefore, ensure you check the shelf life of makeup and facial cream the same way you would check medicines and food. Using a too old foundation can cause breakouts and redness, which can damage your skin.

Always Be Sensitive

Did you know that most products will be contaminated once exposed to the air, even long before their expiration dates? You must rely on two of your senses to help determine when to keep your products and when to toss them out.

Smell – The first time you use an anti-aging cream or other beauty product, you may notice it has a certain smell. But over time, bacteria and humidity might creep in, causing a change in smell. When a product’s smell starts to change, it’s time to dispose of it.
Sight – There may be a few visual clues that your anti-wrinkle cream isn’t as fresh as it was when you bought it. Does your once smooth cream now contain lumps? Is the color still the same as it was when purchased new? These changes can be a sign that bacteria is present, and you surely don’t want to apply that to your skin. So ditch it.

You can extend the shelf life of all your beauty products and cosmetics if you properly store them. Never keep your natural skin care containers in the bathroom where they can easily be exposed to moisture, heat, and humidity—conditions that encourage bacteria growth. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place outside the bathroom.

In addition, always wash your hands before applying anything, or avoid dipping your fingers directly into the product. Your fingers are the easiest way for bacteria to get into your beauty products; it’s better to use an applicator to decrease the risk of germs.

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