When it comes to fashion it seems that everyone is hopping on the designer bandwagon as of late, but fashion design certainly isn't for everyone. But for Timeekah Murphy, it is a passion that goes into every stitch.

Fashion design is more than just current trends, a certain style, or simply creating a piece of clothing. It is a way of life, it is innovation, and it is inspiring.

Or at least it should be.

When it comes to the artistic expression of any kind many people may argue that it shouldn't be criticized, it is an expression only to be judged by the creator – but even considering this we must acknowledge that there are those who are one-dimensional and only capable of reaching one type of person.

That is certainly not the case with innovative designer Timeekah Murphy.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the inspiration for the hottest line to hit the scene came from the birth of her daughter, Alani Taylor. She was driven to start creating after being stationed within the military in Killeen, Texas where she expressed that the malls were horrible – so she began sewing.

Since launching in 2016, Timeekah has worked tirelessly to transcend style by joining her creative essence with the individuality of each person she encounters. More specifically, she's successfully brought unisex apparel to the forefront in a way many of us haven't seen before.

Although androgynous influences have always played a part in some of the world's greatest fashion examples, it seemed to be very unintentional, whereas with Timeekah this form of expres­sion in fashion design is meant to break barriers.

Her design background includes styling both men and women in custom design, high couture, as well as ready-to-wear pieces. She genuinely wants to design for an array of people, another thing we don't see often in fashion with typically polarizing design trends. Though this is true we can tell by the elaborate and sophisticated designs that her goal is not to play small but to make the biggest statement as possible as it per­tains to fashion.

Often, clothing designers create and style based on what they want to see, and overused trends that they deem to be relevant.

Timeekah has taken a different approach by tailoring designs to the various elements of the person, on a deeper level. She's often expressed that she is inspired by the people that she encounters. Her pieces put you in mind the classic fashion scene of Paris, international and world-class but yet very much relatable to today's millennial.

Her designs include a variety of collections that wearers can truly make their own.

When it comes to describing the pieces of Alani Taylor, words don't come easily to mind. Some pieces are high-end, world-class couture to the fullest while others are current, trendy, and fresh.

Many Alani Taylor pieces reflect an appreciation for the simple but glamorous, as black and white are often used and just as bold of a statement as a hot pink or teal blue would be for others. The beauty is that you don't miss it a bit – everything is left in the magnificent design and left up to the wearer to interpret and express.

One thing many of Timeekah's designs have in common is sophistication and boldness. Every piece is a statement. There is literally something for everyone.

The pieces are cutting edge and many are ahead of their time – certainly made for high fashion editorial layouts. Alani Taylor is a breath of fresh air in an industry in that everyone wants to be part but no one is dedicated to quality and excellence within their work.

Timeekah holds her pieces to a standard that cannot be compared to that of a t-shirt designer. She is truly involved in every aspect of design when it comes to her work, and it shows through the finished product. There are many women designers and many men designers, but no one has dedicated as much energy to creating fashion for both men and women – interchangeably – and as effectively as Timeekah has.

Edgy isn't enough to describe Timeekah's design, instead, let's allow her work to inspire the descriptive words that only her work can evoke.

She's currently preparing for the Cannes festival and two of her brand ambassadors, Carlos Alaya and Solail Morgan, are attending the red carpet. As if that's not enough, Timeekah is also designing comedic superstar Tiffany Haddish's Oscar appearance outfit, working on a few boutique deals for Alani Taylor to be in stores, preparing for Dubai Fashion week, and planning for the first Alani Taylor Fashion Show to take place next year.

We can't wait to see how Timeekah's hard work and unparalleled creativity continue to change the face of today's fashion scene and make statements that only her designs can make for all of the worlds to see.

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