International fashion designer Justin Haynes, of JUS10H, shares fashion tips, his take on multiple fashion business practices and what's next for his brand.

How did you get started in fashion?

At the age of 15, I started working at the GAP making $5.75/hr. I worked there for 19 years and I wasn’t supposed to be working at 15 but I wanted to make sure I was working in fashion and retail early. I went from the Gap to sales management and visual merchandising in luxury retail. I later decided to start my own brand and I did that 13 years ago.

How would you describe your brand, JUS10H?

Unique, very confident, a lot of people call it “modern vintage.”

What is your favorite fabric or textile to work with?

Denim would be my number one. Outside of denim, I love my tweeds and wool. I love heavy. I think garments look so clean and chic in those fabrics.

What is your take on “fast fashion”?

I’m not a fan of it at all. There is nothing creative or unique in the duplication of other people’s hard work. I think if [those companies] want to do something like that they should create their own work and then sell it really cheap. They shouldn’t do that to the designer’s hard work.

What are some ways to incorporate fashion sustainability into your wardrobe?

I do a lot of upcycling. I’ll turn old denim jeans into a dress. I keep curtains, drapes, spreads, and anything like that I keep and upcycle it and make it something new. I don’t like to ever throw anything away.

What are 5 must-haves women and men should have in their closets?

Women: a black dress, crisp white shirt, wonderful pair of denim jeans, a black skirt, and a pair of chinos.

Men: a black or dark-colored suit, a white shirt, some type of denim that can be worn with a blazer or sports coat, clean white t-shirts, and great pairs of socks.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to try out a new style?

The only way to change it is just to do it. If you see a green dress, try it but you must get fully dressed in it, go out and wear it. You have to accessorize it and be comfortable in a group setting. If you can be comfortable in a large group setting, you're golden.

What are the best practices to incorporate color into your wardrobe?

I think to start off slow, don’t go towards any neons. Don’t start there (laughs). Try a blue, or a pastel, try the softer colors first. Once you start with the softer colors then you can go to the bolder colors, then the neons.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the Spring?

What I want people to continue to do is have clean garments. I just want people to stay polished all year round and not just in the cooler months.

Who would you like to collab with in the future?

That’s easy, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. It’s those two who I’m looking forward to hopefully working with in the future.

What’s next for the JUS10H brand?

I learned to just let things go as they come in. But as of recently, I’m on the CFDA’s list as a designer so there you can see my brand. My NYFW show will be streamed there digitally on the official site of the CFDA Runway 360 and what comes after that, who knows.


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