Spring wouldn't be the same without tulips. The beautiful flowers of these showy bulbs come in almost every color imaginable, from pale pastels to hot, vibrant shades.

They are perfect for adding color to borders in April and May and grow very Although you may know some basic gardening information like how to plant and care for tulips, there are probably a few fun facts you didn't know about your favorite bulb.

1. Categorized

Tulips are categorized into fifteen different groups. This makes them easier to find among the huge assortment of tulips. Their flowering period and flower shape determine how they are grouped: there are single-flowered, double-flowered, fringed, lily-flowered, species and parrot tulips as well as early-flowering and late-flowering tulips.

2. Tulips Have an Expensive History

Tulips caused quite the pandemonium in the 1600s. During this time in the Netherlands, tulips were highly valuable and are considered by some historians to be the cause of the economic crash of 1637. During this time, tulips were as expensive as homes.

3. The Flowers Are Edible

Tulips are actually a part of the lily family, which also includes onions, garlic, and asparagus. The petals are edible and have been used as an onion substitute and to make wine. Tulips were commonly used in food during the Dutch famine over the course of World War II.

4. Each Tulip Color Has a Different Meaning

Tulips are said to have different meanings based on flower color. Red tulips represent true love (no wonder tulips are the second most popular Valentine's Day flower). White ones are a symbol of apology and forgiveness. Purple tulips are a symbol of royalty.