Whether you've been with your significant other for years or your relationship is just beginning, outlining the goals you have as a couple is a great way to grow closer, establish a solid foundation for your relationship, and set expectations for the future.

Before defining what you want to achieve in the new year, break your brainstorming session into time periods that account for your daily, weekly, monthly, and even 12-month goals. Once you've decided on your goals for 2024 you can sort them into these sections. 

Relationship goals

Our relationships and social health are enormous parts of our lives. Healthy connections bring us happiness and comfort. Toxic relationships introduce anxiety and stress. 

Consider setting relationship goals with the other person when possible. It's more likely you'll develop increased intimacy with a partner or spend more quality time with a friend if they're on the same page about deepening your relationship. 

Your relationship goals might include:

• Carve out a weekly date night. No phones!
• Check in with partner daily
• Develop healthy communication skills
• Practice active listening
• Make time for intimacy with partner
• Find friends with common interests
• Explore new hobbies together to deepen your connection.
• Prioritize self-care for both mental and physical well-being
• Celebrate personal and relationship milestones
• Manage finances as a team towards common financial goals.
• Plan regular getaways for quality time and a break from routine.
• Strengthen trust through open communication and trust-building exercises.

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