During National Adoption Month, individual people, families, businesses, private and public organizations, communities, states, and the government all celebrate adoption and encourage it as a positive way to grow families.

Across the country, events and observances like volunteer recruitment, recognition dinners, fundraising drives, community activities, and other special occurrences take place. These events highlight the month's mission, spread awareness, honor people who have made a difference, and support those involved with the system. Why do we celebrate National Adoption Month? Overall, we celebrate National Adoption Month to shine a national spotlight light on adoption.

More specifically, we celebrate to:

• Honor families that have grown through adoption.
• Recognize the hundreds of thousands of children waiting for permanent families.
• Spread awareness of adoption.
• Advocate for the well-being and future of children in foster care.
• Encourage our neighborhoods, communities, cities, and states to take a stand.
• Ask our businesses and companies to support adoption.
• Provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved.

For current information and resources about adoption, visit Child Welfare Information Gateway, a service of the Children's Bureau, to view the National Adoption Month website.


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