Marriage is hard. But like anything that matters and is meaningful in life it takes dedication and commitment to work.

Most of us put the onus on our partners to change to make our relationship better when they are struggling. But what if each of us did our part to make our marriage stronger? You can't have a healthy relationship without healthy relationship practices.

Above all there is nothing better than two people who are on the same page in a relationship allowing each other to completely be themselves, cherish quality time together, communicate openly and honestly, and of course a lot of TLC. Certified Divorce Coach and Relationship Specialist, Cindy Stibbard walks us through her 7 Marriage Goals for a Happy Successful Relationship in 2023.

1) Be open and honest, and share your feelings without accusation and blame.

2) Create a safe Emotional Space of trust - Be open and accepting of your partner's feelings without judgment or criticism or defensiveness
3) Show affection - have regular sex

4) Make time for each other without distractions, work, kids, other people, and phones!

5) Be open to learning from each other and accepting their influence in trying new things or being open to their ideas

5) Tell them how much you appreciate them and be specific about it.

7) Don't change yourself for them and don't try to change them for you. Learn to accept and love them for who they are and where they are at.

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