Every woman dreams of finding the right man, but the irony is that most would not even know when they actually meet one.

Dating has become a game for most women and men in our modern lifestyle. Instead of a medium for discovering compatibility, іt has become a fun game full of lies and manipulations...

Finding Mr. Rіght or the type of man that you wish for can be a great task, and most women find it extremely difficult to find the right one. There could be a number of reasons why you are not able to find the right man; read on to be aware of some of the various reasons.


The first step in finding Mr. Right is realizing that you have to be Ms. Right because there is a strong probability that Mr. Right is also trying to find the right woman. Maybe your perception of Mr. Right is a generous, loving, and hard-working person. Do you think he will transform you and change you into a better person than you are? Forget it. If you are a boring, self-centered, and lazy person, you are going to remain so, even if you find the right man. Do you think Mr. Right will be interested in you after the meeting? You need to understand this now and work more on your flaws.

Mr. Right OR Mr. Right NOW

Before looking for the right man, figure out what makes a man right for you. Take a look at your dating history and see which relationships you felt had promise and which ones were miserable flops. There are a few reasons why women are drawn to certain www of men or why so many girls seem to be attracted to "the bad boy."

If you are truly looking for a good, committed relationship, then you have to leave or dump the bad boy or the wrong guy and go out with a nice guy. Try a new game; being nice does not really mean being boring. Don't you deserve to be treated nicely by someone who truly cares about you? Wouldn't you rather be with someone who is able to commit himself and love only you? Make sure you are direct with what type of man you are looking for. Don't be pulled in by the charmers out there.


If you do have successful relationships in your past, or at least relationships that felt more fulfilling, take a closer look at those. What is it about the man you were seeing that made the relationship work? While you are thinking about these things, write down some character traits that you would love for your new man to have.

Think about things like a sense of humor, honesty, commitment, sensitivity, or any other things that you think are important in a relationship that helps you to feel fulfilled. Once you have written out your list, you should have a much better idea of what you are looking for in a man. You probably also will get ideas on where you could go to find a man that has all of the traits that you are looking for. Be sure you know what you want, and you will avoid judging guys on the wrong set of criteria.


Hooking up in bars and clubs can be fun and easy when you want to just have a casual fling, but few romances make it beyond this point. For the most part, the men who hang out in these places are just looking to have fun. There's a greater chance that you'll meet your Mr. Right in the most unexpected places. Your encounter with your Mr. Right could occur when you're walking your dog in the park, jogging in the morning, strolling through the library, or even getting your morning coffee at the corner cafe.

Many women are on dating sites in the search of the right man. Although many have found perfect love on dating sites, do use caution as you come upon the perfect photo of the man who steals your heart. He may look good right there on the screen, but far too often women fall for Mr. Wrong because he looks so darn right. Save yourself time and trouble and look deeper than just that great photo.

If you can't find your Mr. Right in your current circle, then move out of your zone. Be open to adventure! Go on vacation with friends and see who is there. Meet others who don't only seek friends in their own backyard. Always think of where your ideal man could be. For instance, if you want someone who loves music, then you could visit music concerts more often.


Every woman wants to experience true love and a good relationship with the right man. Finding the right man is not easy, but there are secrets to attracting men. While most men have their eyes on sexy and flawless women, good men don't just go for good looks. A good relationship and success in marriage start with finding Mr. Right and in knowing how to attract the right man. And below are some tips to help you attract the right man.

Learn to love yourself.

For you to attract the right man, you have to be the right woman first. You must be capable of accepting yourself for who you are. Once you do, you become happier. When you are happy, you begin to attract good things in your life—and that includes a good man.

Pay more attention to your looks.

Learn how to improve your appearance. Wear the proper clothing and the perfect makeup for every occasion. You don't really have to look like a movie star. You don't have to wear heavy make-up, because it could make you appear less natural.

Be confident with who you are.

Although most good men don't want to be with someone just because of good looks, good grooming and self-confidence are very important.

Be affectionate.

Most men find affectionate women more appealing than beautiful women. Showing affection is one quality of women that draws men to them. You will attract the right man.