The second takes at love are older and wiser, but they can still be magical.

You know two people are in love when they agree to do an interview together and constantly interrupt with cute remarks or giggles. Krishna Garlic (48) & Reginald Harmon (61) tied their knot on September 2, 2018, on a beach in Virginia.

A year later, the adorable New Jersey couple recalls their memorable day and reminds us that second chances at love really are possible. Krishna, a widow at the time, and Reggie, a divorced supermarket manager who had sworn he would never marry again.

The two met while planning a charity event called Blessed Fest in honor of Krishna’s late husband.

“Some people may think it’s weird, but I thought it was really touching how helpful and understanding he was.

He was really professional,” she said. Not looking for anything serious, they started out as friends and eventually ended up dating. They soon realized they were spending more time together than apart, and it was clear by then that God had another plan. Two years later Reggie proposed at the Blessed Fest in front of hundreds of guests. He knew that Krishna would say ‘yes’.

A total of 75 wedding guests including family and close friends gathered at a beach house in Virginia (where some guests stayed over for the week). Guests were all dressed in white and purple seashells gracefully lined up at the altar - where a barefoot and beautiful Krishna stood in her white mermaid dress.

Styled in a sheer overlay, light make-up, natural hair, and foot jewelry where she was joined in matrimony with Reggie. The couple exchanged vows from the heart, and according to Reggie, the only thing he would have done differently was to have held his wife a little longer as he gave her that wedding kiss.

It was a beachside celebration of love, with scrumptious outdoor grills, massages, a cigar booth, and music. Among the guests were Krishna’s elderly parents whom she was grateful to have present, her very close girlfriends, her 16-year-old son, and Reggie’s 27-year-old daughter and his two grandchildren.

Perfect weather was the cherry on top, considering that a week before the wedding it had rained constantly, and the week after there was a hurricane. “We just made it in the window of perfect weather!” said Krishna. She touched on what makes their relationship special, and lasting. “

At 50 you want stability, partnership, strength, excitement,” said Krishna. "It’s a different lifestyle you’re looking for and we’re grateful to have found that.”

The couple loves to travel and plans to revisit their ‘special spot’ in Miami for their first anniversary in September. When asked what his favorite moment of the day was, Reggie replied that it was seeing Krishna walk down the aisle in her dress for the first time. “I had previously told my daughter that if I ever said I was getting married again, she should have me admitted,” he joked. “Well, never say never!”

He also denies that he teared up at the wedding, and is sticking to the story that some dust got in his eye. However, we prefer the fairytale version!

Wedding Trivia

Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige
Outfit change: Lace purple jumpsuit by Marco Hall
Photography: Oliver Collier
Wedding song: Leave me you by Ryan Shaw (saxophone) & Michael Lingden (vocalist)
Honeymoon: Thailand

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