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There’s no other way to say it: cheating stinks. It’s a major betrayal of your trust, a gut punch to your emotions, and a complete disregard for everything you’ve put into your relationship. The worst part? It can happen to anyone, whether you’ve just started seeing someone or you’re in a long-term relationship.

Modern technology makes it easier than ever for cheaters to get in touch with their new flames … discreetly. Here are four behaviors that should function as major red flags. If your partner is guilty of any of these actions, it might be time to have a serious talk.

How Sneaky Cheaters Cover Their Tracks Online

1. They Create Duplicate Accounts

Think that double lives are only for spies? It’s easy for a cheating spouse to hide behind a fake name and fake social media accounts. New accounts typically have very few connections, little or no friends or family members in their photos, and sparse personal data.

If you’re chatting with someone whose Facebook profile looks like they have something to hide, trust your gut. You might be talking to someone who’s on the hunt for an affair.

Pro tip: You can use Instant Checkmate to look up a person’s available social media accounts, aliases, and contact details. If they have any questionable profiles, email addresses, or nicknames in their background report, there’s a chance they have ulterior motives.

2. They Rely On Incognito Windows To Browse The Web

To non-technical cheaters, incognito windows might seem like the ultimate way to avoid having their browsing history detected by their partner. After all, what happens in an incognito window, stays in an incognito window, right?

Not quite! There are ways to keep track of the pages a person visits, even if they’re in incognito mode The solutions range from browser extensions to literally opening the files that contain a person’s “private” browsing history.

3. They Have A Lockdown On Trackable Data

Browsing history is only one part of the picture. Cheaters might disable location services on their smartphones, erase their history from their navigation apps, and turn off Bluetooth just to hide from their partners where they’ve been throughout the day. Your partner might just prefer to maintain their privacy. That’s all well and good, but if they seem like they’re going above and beyond in their efforts to actively protect their data, it’s worth asking — what are they trying to hide?

4. They Use Apps To Hide Photos And Videos

In this day and age, it shouldn’t be a surprise that cheaters can use apps to cover their tracks. Some apps, like KeepSafe and Vault, store photos and videos in password-protected folders. Others, like Hide it Pro, will even hide apps — like Tinder.

5. They Have A Second Phone

It’s not uncommon for cheaters to have a second phone or SIM card so they can keep their scandalous conversations on the down low.

This is another situation in which Instant Checkmate comes in handy — when you pull a person’s background report, you can view any available phone numbers associated with their information. If you spot any unfamiliar digits (particularly for a prepaid “burner” phone).

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