Because where would we be without dear ol' mom?

To the woman who always puts her family first, we thank you! You are an inspiration to us all. In honor of Mother's Day, we celebrate Evelyn Dixon. Born in Sumter, South Carolina, one of seven children raised by her grandmother, Dixon relocated from her small town to the State of New Jersey to be with her mother.

Making only $11 a week in her early days on a farm from sunrise to sunset, Dixon was no stranger to hard work. A trait she passed on to her four children, Gloria Bailey, Cheryl Abdur-Rahman, Waliyy Dixon, and Vertamae Herriot. Dixon taught her children the same values she learned, to be selfless, caring, loving, and patient.

And worked hard to support her children giving them a college education. She accomplished her goal and went to school to be a caregiver, and cares for a 95-year-old woman.

Although she works, she still finds time volunteering to help feed the homeless, and on major holidays gives blankets, clothes, and essentials to those in need. She truly finds joy in being the light in people's lives.

We commemorate the many ways mothers have fought to better the lives of their children. In honor of Mother's Day, we celebrate Cherie Lynn Pizzano, Teacher/ Coach in Linden New, Jersey.

And 2017 Hall of Fame member for the New Jersey Scholastic Coaches Association. Pizzano has contributed a lifetime on/off the court helping to shape young minds – a role that comes naturally. As a coach she's been a voice and shoulder for her students to lean on.

With her many accolades, Pizzano states "my two biggest blessings are my two sons Drew and Anthony" - and how proud she is of their academic and athletic careers. Something they both worked very hard to achieve with her support and guidance. Pizzano also credits her parents for her developed parenting skills, whom have also been very instrumental. in her life. "The amount of time they sacrificed for me, and my children has been unmatched".

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