You may think, well the main concern is exercising not stretching.

So, stretching may take a back seat in your exercise routine. Don’t commit this mistake, so rashly. In fact, stretching may help you to:

  • (i) increase your joint range of motion
  • (ii) decrease your risk of injury
  • (iii) boost your athletic performance Benefits Of Stretching – Stretching For Flexibility Let us understand why stretching benefits you.

Stretching helps enhance flexibility, and, consequently:

  • (i) improves the functioning of physical activities
  • (ii) reduce the risk of injuries
  • (iii) enables the joints to move through their full range of motion
  • (iv) facilitates the muscles to work most efficiently
  • (v) improves blood flow to the muscles

The appropriate degree of flexibility that you need would depend on your desired movements in accordance with your day-to-day routine or the sport you play. For instance, baseball players require more flexibility in their shoulders compared to runners

Cyclists require less flexibility in their legs than martial professionals. The bottom line is that stretching makes you more flexible. So, you can enjoy your day-to-day physical activities more and live an independent life even in old age.

— Photos by Alex Shaw

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