Do you dream of relaxing in a tropical paradise whenever you need to escape?

Whether your yard is small or large, you can create a piece of paradise with the right plants, decor, and furnishings.

Designing and Creating Your Tropical Backyard Space


Bamboo is an easy-to-grow plant that gets tall very quickly and is a great border to create privacy between neighbors. If growing bamboo is not an option, bamboo fencing is available on rolls at most home improvement stores and can be used between property lines, to define a seating area, or wrapped around an outdoor bar.

Palm trees and elephant ears are the natural choice for tropical landscapes, but when not planted in warmer climates they aren't viable options. The important factor in selecting plants for a tropical backyard is to choose plants that have large, lush leaves. Ferns and hostas are wonderful options for more temperate yards and come in dozens of varieties so that they can be layered to add height and depth to a garden.

Accents of Bright Colors

Turquoise, fuchsia, yellow, and orange are just a few of the colors that are frequently spotted in tropical locales, and they can be incorporated into a backyard space in many ways. Shrubs such as vibrant fuchsia azaleas thrive in many parts of the country to add a spot of springtime color. Other tropical plants such as hibiscus and orchids can be planted in pots to be brought inside in the winter and moved back outdoors for the summer. For those who don't have a green thumb, bright colors can be added via fun throw pillows on outdoor furniture or a bold umbrella.

Water Features

The most visited tropical destinations are those that are on the water, and while adding a beach to the backyard isn't a reality for most, adding a water feature can be. No matter how large an outdoor space, there is always somewhere to fit a water feature whether it is a large waterfall or a small vertical fountain. The sound of the water running is calming and will drown out much of the peripheral noise so that there are no interruptions in the backyard oasis.

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