Caring for indoor plants in winter is much harder than it is during the summer. The lack of sunlight, dry air, and cooler temperatures make it much harder to grow healthy indoor plants.

Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to help your house plants make it through the winter in the best of health. Here's what to keep in mind.

Wash and trim plants before bringing them in - It’s common to bring beloved potted plants in for the winter, but they need your attention first. Wash the plants gently and trim them up before bringing them inside.

Increase the moisture in the air – Run a humidifier, or put your houseplants in the kitchen or a bathroom if there’s a window nearby. The plants will love the extra humidity, and you will not have to worry about overwatering them.

Group plants together – Grouping plants together will raise the humidity level around them, keeping all of them much happier. You can simply move the pots closer together, or you could take it one step further and put similar plants into the same pot. Grouping them together also makes houseplant maintenance easier.

Add a pebble tray – Putting a pebble tray filled with water under the pot will give the plants extra humidity too. But be careful to never allow a houseplant to sit in the water. And be sure to change it regularly so the water doesn’t become stagnant.

Don’t Repot until spring, if possible – Repotting is tough on plants and they need all their strength in the winter. So hold off on repotting plants until spring.

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