For years on end, women were excluded from higher education institutions. The 1600s saw Mary Cavendish's call for equal education.

Mary Wollstonecraft followed suit in the 1700s. Then real progress was made from the mid-nineteenth century onwards, when groups of women grew seriously tired of being told what they could and could not do and what they could and could not achieve.

To this day, however, many women are undermined when it comes to the educational experience. But by taking a stand, taking our education seriously, achieving, and excelling we can prove that we are just as good and worthy as anybody else! Here are just a few benefits that can come hand in hand with a shining academic record!

Gaining Access to Specialist Positions

There are certain jobs that anyone can do with a little training. But if you want to work in a specialist field, you're going to have to study hard for the doors to be opened to you. Certain jobs require in-depth and particular knowledge for you to make a success of the tasks handed to you. Specialist roles tend to be rewarded with higher levels of pay.

Walking Into Higher Starting Positions

Taking part in higher education shows that you are dedicated to the field you've studied. After all, you've spent a minimum of four years studying and researching the subject you've chosen. You've got to know both the basic information and the complex information necessary to excel in the area. So employers are much more likely to look at you favorably and place you in a higher entry position than those with no qualifications or prior experience. The higher your qualification, the better the first position you're likely to take on. An engineering management masters is going to get you further than an engineering degree alone. So don't be hesitant to stay in higher education for a year or two longer to boost your resume a little more.

Qualifications Don't Lose Value

Now, the positive outcomes of pursuing higher education have been made evident. But sometimes people are put off by the cost or the time entailed in actually gaining a degree. These fears should be put aside. It's important to remember that these educational qualifications don't lose value. Sure, you may have to live on a budget and work hard for four or so years.

But you'll have your degree and reap its rewards for a lifetime! As you can see, women have fought for education for a long time for good reason. It's an extremely valuable tool that has been made available to us. So it's important that we all make the most of it. Just take the time to find the right course(s) to suit your needs and stick with it.

And just remember, graduation awaits you.

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