The recipe to success is finding two things you love, and combining them. Tywan Anthony's love for people and real estate led him to a successful career in the real estate industry.

“I like people and I also like real estate. So being a commercial property manager is the perfect combination between the two.” Before discovering this, Tywan aspired to become a professional football player. During his football practice at Pittsburg State University, he stumbled upon the concept of real estate.

“I was playing college football there and a friend of mine said something about a real estate project that was happening and how his father purchased a house from the court system.” His curiosity drove him to become unstoppable in the real estate industry. However, balancing properties and people during the pandemic became a challenge, Tywan quickly had to face. With many businesses being closed and tenants unable to pay their rent, commercial property managers had to determine ways to approach this situation. For Tywan, he tapped into his leadership skills.

“To be heartless and demanding during that time doesn’t exemplify a good leader. It was very difficult to juggle that fine line between I need to handle my financial obligations as well, but how do I still be kind and human to a small business owner.”

Showing sympathy and checking in on his tenants by using clear communication helped him get over this bump in the road. As time moved along, Tywan created innovative ways to inspire young black professionals who are interested in the industry.

Fact Fridays and his monthly newsletter includes helpful resources and tips to educate people about all things real estate. Busting myths such as the assumed glamorous life of all people in real estate have given people a realistic view of how the industry truly is.

“Just like everyone else, real estate agents barely scrape by sometimes too,” emphasized Tywan. Success is in the numbers and great leadership is the determining factor!

- Photo by Linnea Washington