"The corner office is more than a place, it's a mindset."

Throughout life, Harold did not hesitate to step into his corner office. Making a name for himself in the entertainment industry at the age of 12 opened his eyes to possibilities beyond the Bronx neighborhood he lived in. Having the opportunity to work with Puff Daddy, who today goes by Diddy, was confirmation for him that there are no limitations when it comes to pursuing your dreams!

“As a kid, I watched that image of Puff Daddy as an example of Black success, while many of my peers found the image of success in drug dealers. When I had the opportunity to work with him and become friends with him, it provided me with the motivation and inspiration needed to navigate the entertainment business."

Now, a boss of his own company named Chase Republic after his daughter, Harold has shifted gears in the entertainment industry from being in the studio to making moves in the office. Chase Republic, a brand marketing communications agency was created to truly bridge corporations and cultures.

“We connect corporations to the culture, through marketing/advertising but, organically where the culture is respected and well represented.”, explained Harold. Merging two of the worlds he knows best, entertainment and education guided him to walk in his purpose.

The creation of an agency with a niche like this was necessary because not often do we hear about corporations appealing to culture. “They don’t know how to speak to culture, so that's why we have a business. We speak both languages, corporate & culture. I like to say we’re bilingual.”

Taking the risk to bridge corporations to culture and getting them to see his visions, came naturally to Harold. Having conversations that others didn’t feel like having brought his ideas to life. Partnering with MLB, Brooklyn Nets, and Samsung turned decision-making conversations with corporate executives into marketing campaigns for notable days in our community.

“A partnership for 2 years now with the MLB, Chase Republic assisted with the advertising/marketing for Jackie Robinson day.” This campaign brought key players, the culture, and the people who make up the culture altogether in a celebration. But there is more than one way to celebrate the culture!

The clothing brand “In the Black” by Chase Republic was created to further celebrate the blackness in YOU. “It’s a double entendre. Being in the black represents being in the black culture and for a business, it signifies a profitable venture, and they are in good economic standing.”

Launching in a pandemic and during the uprising of Black Lives Matter protests, “In the Black” has touched the hearts of its supporters. With tee slogans such as “essential hustler, I love that black on you, and from corner to corner office”, it speaks to us as a people and uplifts the community. Uplifting, connecting, and educating has been at the center of each initiative of Chase Republic. Keeping the future of relationships with corporations and culture in mind,

Harold is in the process of creating a textbook explaining how you navigate from corner to corner office with utilizing communication. As for his corner office, “...with progression and belief, it’s only getting bigger!”