Meet Keisha Boston Gallagher, Atlantic City's Newest Award-Winning Filmmaker

A heart-to-heart with multi award-winning filmmaker, writer and director Keisha Boston Gallagher about her 2021 short film, Hard Sale, which has scooped several awards. The debut film is about Nina, an unfulfilled sister who has to convince her needy brother Edward to sell their family home and start a new life living separately. Keisha is a deep thinker and has a natural flair for comedy. She dreams of making bigger films and has the passion and raw talent moviegoers are yearning to see!

Is it true that you'd love to see your name on the billboards?

Coming to Atlantic City they have billboards with names of famous people who were born here, and when I was a kid I always wanted to see one saying 'Home of Keisha Boston'!

What was it like making a movie during the pandemic?

We had a Covid-compliant officer, everyone had to get a negative test before going on set and we had to wear a mask. The funny story is that my Covid results didn't come in and I was on the way to the airport wondering 'What am I going to do?' But I was determined that nothing was going to stop me, and about ten minutes later the results came in negative through a text message.

What made you do a short film?

I won a competition called Flip the Script Filmmaking Competition and won the opportunity to film the script that I wrote. That competition changed my life. I was trying to save money to make it myself, but this allowed me to go on location with equipment, a crew, food on set, and SAG actors.

You've written a lot of comedy so is this one of your funny signature pieces?

Crazy thing, I was worried about being safe for the competition so I didn't intend to make it funny, I just put a comical line in here and there. It's essentially a drama, but many people said it was really funny.

How many awards have you won? I counted nine.

It could very well be more than nine. I just wanted a Laurel to have some accomplishment behind my work and now I have an entire Laurel folder and so many other awards. It's been a huge help and confirmation that I'm doing the right thing and on the right path.

What are your favorite movies of all time and why?

I really liked Houseparty. It was so comical and everything I wanted in life when I was older. I just loved the music and the movie so much, I remember trying to record the audio on a cassette tape.

Did you play any other role besides director in Hard Sale?

I just wrote and directed the movie, and it definitely helped because I was able to bring to life what I saw when I wrote it. I found another part of myself in the process.

What was it like to win?

When I won, I cried and everyone cried with me. Everyone felt the win for me. Those who knew I was writing and the things that I did, they all felt it, so it became inspiration to other people.

What are some of the topics you are passionate about?

Humanity. Just being human, normal stuff and seeing other sides to things that people don't really see or know. You can laugh and realize that was a lesson. That's how I write.

Any other movies in the pipeline?

Oh yes! I'm in pre-production for another project I just wrote and I'm really excited about it. I also plan to work on other projects. I'm big on growing in my craft and gaining experience.

— Check out @keishaboston on Instagram and see the whole competition process. Photographer: Niya Nixon, Creative Director: Robin Nixon, Makeup: Toni Fuqua Makeup Artistry, Hair: Paul Styles

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