The best part of acting is having the opportunity to live someone else's life and experiences.

Denim Richards was "thrust into the acting scene" around the age of five or six. "It started with stage plays and I loved all the attention I got. My teachers wanted to cultivate that. I started singing in front of hundreds of people, which led to musical theatre and stage performances," Denim described.

What sets him apart from other actors is his "ability to have the maturity to slow things down and not allow them to overwhelm" him. "I also pride myself in being able to get along well with others," he mentioned as he continued to walk us through his life as an actor and his goals for the upcoming year.

The best part of acting is having "the opportunity to live someone else's life and experiences" Denim enthusiastically stated. "I prefer roles where the character has a complex life and experiences. I love drama roles where someone's life is falling apart and then there's redemption," the Yellowstone actor explained.

This kind of drama was seen in his role as Colby Mayfield when he gets trampled by the horses of antagonists Wade and Clint as they whooped Colby and Teeter with lassos during their encounter. That specific scene brought drama, suspense, and excitement and left the audience at the edge of their seats.

It came as no shock when Yellowstone was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards. "It's a huge accomplishment and it is really an ensemble type of show. To be acknowledged by fans, it shows the hard work put into it, and to be able to break these records by Season 5 is amazing," Denim expressed.

Mid-way into the new year, Denim provided Compulsive with three major goals that he plans to accomplish. One is to cultivate stronger relationships, "which is very important in any business." Also, to scale his craft and avoid becoming complacent. "I am still young and there are still more things to do."

His third goal is to conduct motivational speaking events for up-and-coming youth and young adults who would like to break into the industry. In order to encourage them while also providing techniques that they can use. With a list of goals beyond his top three, Denim Richards continues to work towards being the best person he can be and helping others to do the same.