For The Record had the honor to kick it with the 2-time Grammy nominated multi-platinum producers and New Havens own Rashad "Snacks" Johnson and Aaron "Y.A." Rogers of the production duo known as The Breed.

As we jump right in let's talk about what that nomination call was like...

SNACKS: We were together when we got the call we were having a meeting and watching the live stream at The Breed Academy (which we will talk about later) when we saw the R&B album of the year Breezy (Chris Brown ) we just went crazy it was unbelievable.

FTR: This is your second nomination what does that feel like and which felt better the first or the second?

YA: This time feels better because of the people we helped get on that worked with us and nomination makes it extra special because now those people or nominated as well so it's like we are building our tree and spreading the blessings so it's dope.

SNACKS: The timing right now just feels good, it feels achievable.

FTR: Tell us how The Breed came together.

YA: It all started like 12 years ago I went to his crib hanging out making beats every day until we decide and said yo we should try to do this. There weren't many duos out at the time so working together every day strengthen our bond we think the same we have common goals and a vibe that just worked. Even when Snacks went to college (Berklee) and wanted to drop out our family-type bond gave me the ability to push him and help him stay on track and during that boom we got a placement with "Tre Songz" that went platinum which was like a blessing to tell us that we were on the right path.

FTR: Tell us about the Breed Academy

YA:The Breed Academy is our way of giving back we want to help educate the youth on the music industry and what they need to do. We try to groom and create opportunities for the up incoming producers and artists.

FTR: Let us get into your catalog, you guys have been blessed to work with artists such as "Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Tamar Braxton, Rotimi, Dave East, and Duck Worth just to name a few. I've got to say personally we are all proud of you guys and wish you continued blessings. For more on the live interview check out The Breed on Season 2 Episode 1 of the For the Record Podcast - airing on YouTube and Spotify.

— Edited by A. Feleciano. Photo By Kennies Earl.