"Vulnerable, edgy, and unique." That's how SNACO summed up his sound for those who have yet to take a journey into his musical oasis.

The Atlanta-bred emcee's genre-bending elements stem from his family's love of different kinds of music that he was introduced to during his upbringing.

Coming from a large family of two brothers, three sisters, and his parents, their choice in music ranged from the newest song featured on 106 & Park or jamming out to classic rock which all equally impacted the rising star's music taste. His parents exposed SNACO (born John Brown) to their favorite genres such as gospel from his mother and neo-soul from his father. He credited hearing a variety of genres in his home to how his sound is today.

"I was just in the middle there was nothing in particular that I was drawn to," he said. "I just kind of observed what everyone else was listening to. I have a very versatile ear because of it."

Although he shared good memories of his musical influence being developed in his nuclear family unit, he often compared his household to "living with roommates" and seemingly adapted characteristics of another male figure in his family. After hearing stories of his grandfather's musical capabilities, he found himself mirroring his path to music just as his grandfather did before him.

"My granddad, he was a rock star. He made music, he was in a band. And, you know, I kind of get that from him. He passed at a young age and I kind of just carry on that. That's just like how I've always been. I've always been a rock star."

SNACO proves his rockstar capabilities in his November 2022 offering, "Possessive." The track is found on his latest album, Wow, My Love What a Disaster which is now streaming on SoundCloud. He explained why this project was created in a more meticulous way compared to his previous releases.

"What I would do with post-breakup albums before is that I would just be very salty and kind of go in right after the breakup and record my feelings right then and there. But this is the first time where I really took time and I evaluated everything that happened. I kind of just sat back and thought about like, 'Okay, instead of being salty, what did I learn from this experience? What did I learn from this relationship about myself?' These songs are just a collection of those moments where I felt like, 'Okay, I learned this about myself and this about myself and this song "Possessive" specifically was really just about how I felt." In "Possessive", SNACO finds himself recovering from a severed relationship and how those traits indoutbily were created in his childhood. "[It] really stemmed a lot from the fact that I didn't really feel like I had the love I needed from my parents and I had to sit back and realize that's where it comes from," the rapper reflected.

"When you don't really get that kind of love that you need as a young child, whenever you get it, it becomes an addiction, and me not being able to communicate that to that person it ended up just seeming as if I had toxic traits. What I'm trying to say in this album is that no one really has toxic traits. No one's really toxic. No one's really bad for the world. It's just that there are things about us that are misunderstood and we all have to communicate those things."

Although Wow, My Love What a Disaster dropped in November of 2022, SNACO is already gearing up for his next takeover. In 2023, he wants to continue to challenge himself and explore new genres and "dabble with new sounds." His forthcoming release is a single titled "FM" which is the abbreviation of the phrase "Follow Me." As for a potential 2023 album, there is still some time to tell when fans can expect another full-length project from the rapper. However, he and producers Buddha and Jay are busy in the studio putting together the final touches on the single "FM."

When asked what his ultimate goal is for the new year the self-proclaimed "Leader of Lost Souls" said, "I just want to continue saving as many people as I can with my music and to capture a cult-like fanbase. And saying I allow people to feel like they're not alone. If I can continue to save as many people as I can with my music, I am happy and I'm blessed."

— "FM" is out on all streaming platforms. For updates on SNACO's newest releases, follow him at @imsnaco on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. Also, be sure to look out for him at @snacomusic on SoundCloud.



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