Discover the evolution of yourself through the words of fashion designer Intyce.

Tyce's fashion collection is soft, yet ready for war on a distant planet. His masks are adorned with different metals and gold crystals that dance around the face. The pants sport a cryptic message on the crotch, "Can you see me without looking?", "Can you hear me without listening, "Because I need to know you without asking." These are lyrics from the opening song of his latest EP Psy Language.

The words represent a desire for others to unite under the values of love and progress, but it also relates to his telepathic connection with the future. "I consider my clothing Future Now Wear because it's always a part of the future and what's happening right now." He tells me.

This comes as no surprise since his biggest influences are Aaliyah and her collaborators, Missy Elliot, and Timbaland. The artists are revered for their afrofuturistic take on R&B music, usually highlighted in their music videos.

"The music was something radio didn't completely understand at the time! They didn't get what Timbaland was doing sonically. They didn't quite fall into the world of traditional R&B, but we're totally there now."

He's from Springfield, Massachusetts. Many of his peers and teachers knew he was destined for a creative career. "If you went through my high school yearbook it'd probably have a bunch of notes from people saying I'm going to see you on 106 and Park and TRL."

After graduating college, he opened a studio with his cousin Scott Jones, where they taught voice and choreography. They eventually relocated to Texas to open a larger studio, called Key Innovations. It was around that time Tyce won a songwriting contest and moved to LA. That's where he started making connections with top-tier talent.

"Normani was someone I saw in a dance studio and knew she was super talented. I said, "You know what you should really come back to the studio and meet my cousin Scott so we can develop this idea', and that took off."

He ended up playing a vital role in preparing Normani for X Factor, where she would join Fifth Harmony, the girl group that catapulted her to fame. He believes passion and balance are key when developing an artist.

"I'm a lover. I am passionate about what I do. When I work with an artist, it's my gift to complement their different textures and strengths. It's like having a coach. There are artists who are amazing, and when you have that right person get behind you to hone your talent, it explodes."

Tyce has worked on music videos for Janet Jackson, Ciara, and Busta Rhymes. He thrives behind the scenes but is ready to reintroduce himself as a sole multidisciplinary artist.

This new chapter of his career inspired Psy Language, an emotional EP with hip-hop and groovy electronic influences, released under the pseudonym INTYCE. He plans on incorporating his newest collection of clothing into the visuals. His love for the mystic and unseen is what inspired the designs.

"My fashion line is called "The Psylence'. I love flow, and the mystique that comes with covering your whole body."

He's also creating more videos to go along with his new age podcast, "Psyflo," it's a trippy psychedelic experience, that's rich in hip-hop samples and 90s/2000s influence.

Different guests, including Dawn Richards (Danity Kane), chat with Tyce in a studio. When they're done, he adds layers of music and sounds that create a totally different world. He and his collaborator Scott call these synthesized creations 'Musions'.

"Musion, means the innovative exploration of movement through music and fashion. We're producing music and visuals, and fashion that fits with it."

More recently, he's had time to really bask in his accomplishments. "We used to be in a basement where we had a little sheet on the wall to do our creative thing. Now we're working with people we used to watch on TV!"

Singer and entrepreneur Ray J recently reached out to him, "It was awesome. He had me come to the studio to show him a few of my pieces and he was so excited he bought the whole collection and asked me to make him new stuff."

Tyce only has a few words for overcoming nerves when you're thinking about joining a new industry, "Use your nerves to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Stick to your inspirations. Stick to being prayed up. Don't allow people to put you in a place where you cant create."

— Photographer: Nicole Freitag

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