In the sprawling cityscape of Los Angeles, Helecia 'SKG' Choyce transcends the traditional narrative of a rapper, emerging as a dynamic force rewriting the very essence of hip-hop.

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles, California, Helecia 'SKG' Choyce, professionally known as SKG, is not just a rapper; she's a force rewriting the narrative of hip-hop. Compulsive Magazine dives deep into the extraordinary journey of SKG, where urban life, music, and philanthropy intersect.
Introduced to music by her brother Trayveon Choyce, SKG found solace and focus in the rhythm of her surroundings.

'Music kept me sane and focused,' she recalls a mantra that became the driving force behind her artistry. During her teenage years, SKG faced adversity, finding herself in a juvenile detention center. Undeterred, she continued to write and create a demo that caught the attention of none other than the co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight. Impressed by her tough and assertive personality, akin to his own, Suge Knight gave her the moniker SKG (Suge Knight Girl), leaving an indelible mark on the rap industry.

SKG's musical repertoire is echoed in her awards and accolades, including collaborations with Kurupt on Doggpound and a multi-platinum plaque for the hit single 'Let Em Have It' on Tupac Shakur's 'Until The End of Time' album, which marks her illustrious career.

As a current independent artist SKG enjoys having more creativity and control over her music. Nowhere is this more evident than in her latest album, Unfinished Business, where she boldly showcases her diverse musicality. The album boasts a stellar lineup of collaborations with industry heavyweights, including Boosie, Juvenile, Cassidy, Beenie Man, and more. Each track is a testament to SKG's ability to curate an immersive auditory experience, offering 'dope vibes' that resonate with anyone possessing a discerning and unique ear for music.

In the interview with Compulsive, SKG paid homage to the legends who laid the groundwork for her and others in the hip-hop industry. From the trailblazing MC Sha-Rock to the iconic LL Cool J, Rakim, KRS-One, the legendary Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z, to the visionary Dr. Dre, the southern hip-hop titans T.I. and Bun B and fellow collaborator Boosie.

SKG transcends the typical rapper narrative. Passionate about philanthropy, she spends her time feeding the homeless, participating in back-to-school drives, and raising awareness about transplants and organ donations with One Legacy and Young At Heart Foundation. As a CEO of multiple ventures, including her podcast 'Girlfriends & Champagne,' Hustle Gurl Ent., and Helecia Choyce & Associates, SKG is a multifaceted entrepreneur.

SKG is currently promoting Unfinished Business, crafting music videos and working on a documentary highlighting her time with Death Row and collaborations with Nipsey Hussle. Her commitment to raising public awareness continues, fostering discussions and addressing crucial issues within our communities.

In the world of Helecia 'SKG' Choyce, where verses resonate in the heart of hip-hop and the soul of philanthropy, a lyrical powerhouse emerges — an artist not just defined by her music but by her impact on the streets, the industry, and the world at large.

— Photo By Kolbi Samanthaa

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