Multitalented, multilingual, beautiful and passion-driven are just a few words that describe the Turkish pop star Dilek.

She writes lyrics, composes, and sings in many musical styles and languages including Turkish, English, Greek, Macedonian, Albanian, and Spanish. Her 2015 debut song, ''Bana Ne Kısmetler Var,'' received good responses in European countries such as Norway and Australia. Her second remix album came out in chillout and club styles. Dilek has her sights set on making albums and doing great concerts and tours in America and all over the world. "My desire is to be a world star. I want to visit the world using my music," she said.

Dilek is no stranger to music. "Everyone in my family understands and sings good music, especially my father. Singing and music were always around me, and I could not think of any other profession," she recalls. Dilek discovered her purpose at the age of six participating in her school's chorus sound competitions.

She said, "I was praised for the beauty of my voice (by teachers and family), and I said it was my light. I found myself first. I discovered myself. I knew what I could do best." That self-discovery and acceptance of her gift and the responsibility of sharing it with the world progressed into a musical career.

Everyone in my family understands and sings good music, especially my father. Singing and music were always around me, and I could not think of any other profession.


"I've been professionally playing great music for ten years. My soul and I were created for it," she concluded. From that awakening of purpose, her family has helped Dilek to master her musical gifts and have led and supported her emotionally along the difficult path into the music industry.


Dilek, whose name means to desire, is self-inspired with a goal to create her own music. They are now in the negotiation phase with Universal and Sony, but a record label has yet to be named.  The star expects to make a big comeback with her next album and wants to release so much more of her own songs into the world, including songs in English.

Dilek said, "We are taking out cover projects through DilekOfficial which is my own music channel." In addition to creating pop dance music, Dilek would love the chance to do R&B and hip-hop. She also desires "to make a duet with world-famous artists Sean Paul, Calvin Harris, Pitbull, and Justin Bieber."

While music is her main passion, Dilek is also the author of the book Zayıf Bedenlere Yüktür Aşk, and has a second book soon to be published in Turkey and around the world. Writing is a necessary outlet for Dilek to speak about her experiences, relax and capture the inspiration she has lived, loved, missed, or observed.

She said, "You can write for no reason at all. Sometimes you write to tell yourself." In talking about her main inspirations and greatest influences for writing, she said, "The life we live in is an inspiration for our songs (and) music. She also likes taking pictures. Revealing another one of her desires, she said "I plan on preparing a photo exhibition before I die."

Dilek lives in Turkey; you can watch her first Turkish song, ''Bana Ne Kısmetler Var,'' on YouTube.

— Ramona Jones is a freelance writer and editor helping people creatively tell their stories as living legacies.

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