A Jackson Southerland Story...

KOBE! Jackson Southerland, sophomore shooting guard out of Great Neck North High School, says he emulates his basketball style from the G.O.A.T Kobe Bryant. "It's funny that I gravitate towards him because I think I act like him in some ways. It's a gift and a curse because it's a lot to live up to. I definitely think I have more of an outgoing personality."

Jackson says he likes to use Kobe's one dribble up move when on the court. Hence his average of 17 points per game. Jackson has been on the court and dribbling since the age of 5. Humbly, Jackson opened up about his basketball development, sharing that he now plays for the AAU's Wizkids team on the Adidas Hoops 3SSB circuit, a result of his dedication and persistence.

Beyond sports, Jackson faithfully spends part of the year donating socks to homeless shelters. This all started when he was about 9 or 10 and he gave money to a homeless person on the street. He was then intrigued as to what the homeless needed most and to his surprise it was socks.

Now, every year since he was 12 years old, Jackson hosts his Annual Sock Drive during the holidays starting from Thanksgiving and ending around New Years. Each year he sets a goal and donates the socks to homeless shelters. In the year before, Jackson remarkably collected a total of 10,000 socks and in this most recent year 5,000.

With the help and support of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless, a few NBA players and Bombas, Jackson is able to give back to the community. He has an affinity for helping people. Jackson has hosted a sock party at East Harlem Tutorial Program and has volunteered at Brooklyn Homeless Store and given away basketball sneakers he couldn't fit, like Jordans and Kyries, to homeless people in need.

A typical day in the life of Jackson Southerland starts with God at the center of everything as he wakes up to pray, journal, meditate, stretch, go to school, go home, do homework and go to workouts. Jackson prides himself on being an inspiration to others especially those younger than him.

"I get texts from younger people asking for advice. When I become big and famous I will always answer when someone asks for advice and in the realest way."

Jackson recently launched his podcast, "Being Real With Jackson" on youtube where he reflects on his basketball career, discusses the emotions and passion tied to the game, mental health and more. Jackson plans on going to college and getting drafted into the NBA. He was able to give Compulsive a look into his Top 5 college prospects but we're going to keep that a secret between us, just know he is one to look out for!

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