Get Inspired with Streetball Legends, Waliyy "MainEvent" and Shane "The Dribble Machine" Woney. This month's talents share what inspires them...

Dawn Beviano

 I'm Dawn Beviano, a motivated and dedicated mother of two who is always ready to help the community. I am currently a library assistant with the Linden Public Library, where I have been for the last six years. My passion for books and community involvement have provided me with the skills and drive to grow professionally and as a citizen. My words of aspiration for others is to know that you can always make a positive difference in the life of others, and it doesn't take much. A simple smile, a listening ear, or just being there can truly mean the world to someone.

Tracee Nerette-Moseley

 My name is Tracee Nerette-Moseley, the owner and chef behind "Tastee Eats by Tracee, LLC." I am the loving and devoted mother of two exceptionally smart young adults who are the driving force behind everything that I do. My grandmother, mother, children, and my passion for food are all aspirations of mine. My words of inspiration are to live, love, and laugh. Wake up with a smile on your face and be the best version of yourself every single day. You will be surprised how far a smile will take you.


 My name is Kim a.k.a. DJ KimU. I'm a mother of two and I DJ for an amazing artist in New Jersey and Houston. I also have my own clothing brand that I try to push daily. I have three women who inspired me to love and be passionate about everything that I do. The first woman is my birth mom who passed away when I was younger. The two other beautiful ladies who I call Ummi (mom) raised me in an Islamic household which I loved! My words of inspiration for others is that you are the artist of your own life. Never settle. Know your worth kings & queens.

Deon Candia

Born Deon Candia, an educator by profession, state champion high school football coach, youth advocate and mentor, and author of the best seller Evolving from the Cocoon: A Memoir Of Learning From My Past. What inspires me to work with young people is that I can see myself in them. By not having a lot growing up, and being surrounded by a lot of negativity, I can relate to the young world. My words of inspiration would be for all of the adults out there to be patient with the young people, please. To my young people, keep striving, keep pushing, and in the wise words of the rapper Nas, "give yourself time to grow!" you're loved!