Get Inspired with Streetball Legends, Waliyy "MainEvent" and Shane "The Dribble Machine" Woney. This month's talents share what inspires them...

Tracey Napoleon, USA

I'm Tracey Napoleon, a mother, wife, former student-athlete, Union County College Fame Inductee, a 20+ year state employee, and Ny'a, gold-selling recording artist. But my most important job is being a wife of 28 years…raising my two awesome young men.

Singing and songwriting is something that I was blessed to do. However, I never thought It would take me on such an awesome journey until I met my amazing husband, who saw something special in me… so, I pushed hard. My words of wisdom to others…. Once you make a decision in life, get a game plan and go for it. The skies are the limit!

Grayson Boucher, USA

They call me "The Professor" best known for my b-ball skills shown in videos online.

As a social influencer (Youtuber) I produce entertaining basketball content to inspire people globally. My inspiration comes from my dad, he put the basketball in my hands at 2 years old…

His passion for the game instantly rubbed off on me. I've also been inspired by some of the greatest: Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and my former teammates on the And1 Mixtape Tour such as Skip 2 My Lou, Hot Sauce, and MainEvent. My encouragement to others…. Remember that God's way is always the best way.

Nevaeh Maldonado, USA

Born Nevaeh Maldonado a 12-year-old, best known for my charismatic personality and a big smile. I created a clothing line called Nolana Gardens. I also, do music with my little brother Trey…. we just released our EP called Kids Zone. I also dance, perform, and mentor other kids.

What inspired me to do all these things? My godfather Mekeze. He told me a story about having his own business when he was 17 years old. So, when I was in fashion week in 2017, I told my mom I would love people to model in the clothes, I design. My parents are big on education…..they told me as long as my grades are goo, they'd support me/my dream. My words or advice… Always follow your dreams.

Eugene Napoleon, USA

A son, brother, husband, father, and friend to many. I'm a former professional football player, two-time Bestselling Author, Award Winning Special Education Teacher, Motivational Speaker, and CEO of Nap Vision Entertainment, LLC.

I always tell people… life is all about perspective, and inspiring… I'm thankful for my platform to help motivate others by releasing positive energy. My learned lessons... put God first in all that you do. Never give up on yourself... Have faith that your preparation for details will equal everlasting success.

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