Get Inspired with Streetball Legends, Waliyy "MainEvent" and Shane "The Dribble Machine" Woney. This month's talents share what inspires them…

Alethea Gibbs, USA – Community Activist

I’m an actress, author, and motivational speaker with a passion for community service. My goal is to keep people smiling because it’s too many sad folks in this world. Every chance I get… I encourage the youth to never give up. There was a time when suicidal thoughts took over me during my depression stage, so I decided to do whatever it takes to prevent an unhappy person from committing suicide. My words of inspiration… “Always be honest with yourself and do what makes you happy”.

Jasmine Fields, Switzerland – CEO

I’m a former basketball player with a passion for the game and the culture. I was born in Basel, Switzerland. I moved to The Bronx, NY in 2006 to pursue my dreams. As CEO, of, I enjoy inspiring young girls to follow their goals. I’m dedicated to working hard, and believe nothing in life should be taken for granted…Something I teach my 3 children. The only advice I can share is… Never Give UP!

Chris Francis, USA - Coach

I’ve been a high school coach for 17 years. A word people often use to describe me is… “devoted”. My family inspires me to be my best… they’re my motivation. Relocating from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Compton, California… I experienced many life-defining situations. My life lessons taught me that the only person who can stop you.. Is YOU! My encouragement to others… “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”.

Compulsive Launch Party

Photos by Tyrone Givens

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