Compulsive's interview with Inanna on using mythology and literature to inspire global change...

In her groundbreaking project, Inanna has found a way to fuse catchy music, poetic lyrics, and inspired environmental activism. Every song comes in from a new angle, with an appeal to appreciate nature and to turn our eyes to the future of our planet. As Inanna speaks to the challenges of our moment, she finds herself playing her part in a major change in our culture.

Inanna, tell us what was the impulse that made you dedicate all your music to nature and the future of the planet?

I have always cared about nature and animals, but I've always felt I wanted to do more to protect them and inspire others to do the same. So, I decided to become a voice (literally) for them. This was right before the big climate protests rose in 2019. I wanted to be part of the movement in my own way, using my skills and putting what I do best at the service of the future of nature.

How do you choose your topics and how do you find the inspiration?

Making songs about the environment turned out to be extremely inspiring! I keep getting new ideas, simply because there are so many aspects to reflect upon. Usually, I choose a different topic in every song, depending on what I'm reading about or what touches me at a particular moment.

I take inspiration from the news, or from something I watch, see, or hear about – and it becomes a spontaneous impulse to explore and express something new. I sing about deforestation, animal rights, about women empowerment for the future of the Earth, about imaginary future cities, about healing, and the relationship between humans and the natural world.

There are many literary and mythological references in your work, starting from your own artistic name. Why is that?
This music project deals with enormous, global, and timeless topics. For this reason, I decided to use mythology and literature to make the songs resonate with all kinds of audiences all over the world. Myths and stories always help us relate, and just like music, they speak to us on a deeper level. My own name, Inanna, is taken from the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, and harvest, but also war, and justice. Her duality spoke to me and seemed perfect to approach all these gigantic topics.

Why do you think the arts and music are important to raise awareness about these issues?

Music, and arts in general, are very ritualistic. And rituals have the power to transform who we are. A song, a film, or any piece of art, has the power to change our lives, and give a moment of connection to another world or another way of seeing things.

Arts and culture shape our ways of living and relating to others, every day. That's also why I think it's fundamental in these times for the arts to speak about the future of nature. And to do it loudly. We must shift our mentality and change from being Takers to Givers, from Exploiters to Protectors of the planet. Art is there to move us and shake us, and we must make a shift for us, for animals, and for the future of the Earth.

How can our readers follow what you do, and how do you connect your work with your community?

All my videos, music, events, and initiatives can be found at I also connect with the community through several initiatives, and organizations I partner with.

I produce environmental events in Los Angeles, where I live, and I volunteer at animal sanctuaries in town whenever I can. It's been wonderful to see how many new initiatives and organizations have been born in the past couple of years within the intersection of Arts and Environment! I am very honored to be part of this growing movement.