In May, Colette Salazar, a Registered Nurse who specializes in Home Care, will make 17 years of being in the healthcare industry.

After going through her own health issues and discovering the best ways to heal her body, Salazar chose to be in the health field to help heal others. “I chose to be here doing this work.”, passionately shared Salazar when describing what being an essential worker means to her — A term many of us became quickly familiar with during the height of the pandemic.

As doctors and nurses shared their stories about their day-to-day life during and still after the pandemic, the public was able to get a glimpse of what it entailed.

For Salazar, her day-to-day involves having a little time for herself early in the mornings before she helps her son get ready for school and starts her workday. While sharing a glimpse of her workday, Salazar mentioned “I love that my job has flexibility, and autonomy and I appreciate having a caseload of 20-30 different patients with all different conditions where I can determine who needs immediate care for the day.”

Most of the flexibility with her work comes from the many locations she may visit in a day. In just one day she may have to visit the office, a patient’s house, and the clinic all before the end of the day.

Out of all three, what Salazar loves the most is to be present with the patient in their home. She shared, “It’s because I get to see the whole person, from head-to-toe floor to ceiling and now what you need, and your health conditions make more sense.” she continued “There’s this connection present in this part of healing. Healing is therapeutic and not just for the patient, but for me too.”

Finding passion in healing others and herself in the process has allowed her to influence her family and friends to take their health more seriously in hopes of keeping more people home and out of the hospital.

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