Compulsive's Co-Publisher/Acting Editor-In-Chief steps out of the shadows and into the limelight for an amazing interview and photoshoot.

Tranquil Breona Moore reclines in her plant-filled office as she multi-tasks and completes a series of projects. Stunning, with or without makeup, she peruses her inventory of self-care subscription boxes, Embraced by B, for which the demand from her custom­ers has exceeded her wildest expectations.

The multi-talented creator has her hands full as the CEO of her rapidly expanding company as well as serving as Co-Publisher/Acting Editor-In-Chief of Compulsive.

When does this lovely woman have time to breathe or sleep? She shares an enigmatic smile as we converse, brushing one of her artistic hands across her face, staring straight ahead as she imparts jewels of the wisdom of someone twice her age.


“I like staying busy, she admits. “I started my sub­scription box service about two years ago, right around the beginning of COVID. I was finding myself and having more time to indulge in my creativity. It had been an idea of mine for a very long time,” she confides about her subscription boxes.

"I’m a Psychology major, and I’ve always had a passion for mental health, the betterment of people, and their wellness. During the pandemic, I had so much time on my hands. I said to myself, ‘what do I do with this time?’ Many people found their niche during the pandemic, and I just tapped into my creativity. I said, ‘okay, this is when I could execute a lot of thoughts and ideas that I had just stored on my computer or my phone.

Breona Moore wears a Terani feather dress. Ashley Jons earrings.


The young entrepreneur who has learned by trial and error admits, “It’s so new to me. So, I’m learning as I go. I still have some trial and error going on, but it feels good. And I feel like it’s needed. So, I want to continue with it. But starting a business from the ground up is when you find out things about yourself that you never knew.” As a result, this ambitious entrepreneur has plenty of advice to offer those who are interested in expanding their brand or even coming up with lucrative side hustles.

“I would store creative ideas in my phone or laptop, but just think of ideas that you can execute,” she advises other fledgling entrepreneurs. “I advise writing down a plan and sticking to plan. It doesn’t have to be something that is going to work overnight, but as long as you stick to your plan and vision, the outcome will be great. Just don’t doubt yourself. Don’t feel that your idea is too big for you to execute? And don’t allow any negativity to shift your goals and get you off the right track.

“It’s not easy,” she admits. It took me a long time to not be afraid to execute things. I’m just now coming out of my shell and sharing my creativity proudly. There’s no timeframe to success. Patience is a quality for individuals who are trying to become entrepreneurs to execute their dreams.”

Her subscription boxes reflect several color schemes, including yellow for sunshine, blue for tranquility, and pink and red boxes reflect self-love and healing. Using the knowledge, she has gleaned from psychology classes, her love for graphic design, and fueled by her passion for color, she has developed ideal packages for her burgeoning consumers.

With the vast expansion of the product line, Bre reveals that she is now working on a variety of care packages, and wellness boxes including ones for new moms and so much more. Pop-up shops in different cities are on her bucket list as well.

“I’m interested in creating events to celebrate other entrepreneurs. I know that I’m a bit shy. I have to struggle with this kind of networking, so I want to create a space for individuals like myself to network and show off their businesses and creations.”

Bre’s inner self may appear a bit reticent and reserved, however, once she’s in front of the camera, including the photoshoot for this issue of Compulsive, she emerges from her shell, blossoming into a confident photographic supermodel.

Laughing, she admits getting pleasure out of sliding into sensual fabrics in vivid colors.

“But you know what? Although I enjoy modeling, I’m more into styling. I love the whole process of being able to create a look. Styling is one of my responsibilities with Compulsive. One of my favorite photoshoots was with “Greenleaf’s” Asia’h Epperson. She trusted my judgment and creativity. I was able to create looks within seconds of meeting her. It was challenging but the most rewarding shoot as I styled her hair, makeup, and wardrobe.” Elliatt Harley Dress and Jennifer Fisher earrings and Jessica Simpson shoes.


As Co-publisher/Acting editor, Bre’s responsibilities for Compulsive vary. She thoroughly enjoys shopping at boutiques that carry the latest fashions and occasionally attending star-studded events. But clearly, it is a labor of love as she works hand in hand with her mother, Dr. Cookie Humphrey, and where she collaborates on bringing the magazine’s publishing vision to life.

“I would have to say that if anyone asks me to describe Compulsive, I say that Compulsive is unique as it contains so much content on ordinary people who do extraordinary things. People who have appeared in the magazine have been given a platform. In that regard, the magazine stands out over other publications, in my opinion. As the Acting Editor, I write certain articles and give my input and younger perspective.”

Working with Compulsive has given Bre opportunities to explore her dreams as she regularly mixes and mingles with movers and shakers from all walks of life. And as a role model for young women, she enjoys imparting the vast knowledge that she has acquired over the years. Occasionally she clears her hectic schedule to indulge in one of her favorite pastimes: traveling. “Diving into travel vlogging, I would love to allow young people the opportunity to get a glimpse of other parts of the world. I also enjoy cooking. I’m a nurturing person, so I enjoy creating dishes for others to enjoy.”

As the interview draws to a close, she goes back to curating more of her subscription boxes for her customers. Bre is about her business, and nothing will stop her success!

— Follow Breona  Moore on Instagram @iamsoleb and get embraced at Etsy. Photography: Kelsey McNeal, Make-up Artist: Monica Garcia, Styling: Breona Moore

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