Bishop Randy Brown and his wife Dr. Gayle P. Brown Ph.D. founded the Bread of Life World Outreach Center in 1985.

Through this organization, they have set up churches, orphanages, and medical centers, dug wells, and fed thousands of people around the world, particularly in Africa.

Their latest project is the Togo African Orphanage Project which will house up to 100 orphans when it's completed. "We've spent years traveling and preaching and what we've learned is that anything can change at any given moment," said the Bishop. Not taking anything for granted, he and his wife have answered their call to spread the word of God and acts of kindness among communities in each country they visit.

The Togo Orphanage Project

Togo is a small African country between Ghana and Benin, which according to the Bishop, has jumped into their hearts and been a touching experience. "We've put our energy into it and we've seen results," he said.

The country's HIV prevalence is the third highest in West Africa and as a result, there is also a high number of orphaned children. Due to Covid-19 the Bread Of Life team hasn't been to Togo in two years but this is the second orphanage they are building in the country and they're hoping to complete it by next year.

After successfully fighting his own battle with Covid-19, the Bishop admits that the Delta variant has caused some difficulty, especially in terms of fundraising, but he believes that 'God keeps showing up for us' and with the help of generous sponsors, they hope to reach their goal. The new orphanage will house 75-100 children from newborns to 18 years of age.

The Bread Of Life World Outreach Center has also assisted medical facilities and sponsored clinics in Togo. Approximately ten years ago, they sent a container of medical supplies and the first mammogram machine to Togo.

"'Personally, seeing the hardship they face, it makes me want to do more," said the Bishop, adding that the faces of the orphans they assist will melt your heart.

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