Contemporary Afro-pop artist AyoNoble discovered her love for art at the young age of ten and since then has shared her creations to depict the glory of the universe.

“I remember being in Nigeria and experiencing a power outage. As I sat there bored, I decided to draw this politician in the newspaper. I was shocked to see how well I drew him.” tells Ayo as she shares the moment that sparked her desire to grow as an artist.

She went on to take art classes in high school and during her college years, she studied Business and Graphic Design.

“In 2010, I had my first art show in Toronto and the first piece I made was of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician and revolutionary — this sold for $750.” As Ayo continued to create, she found community in the art space and worked with a group named “Synergy” while living in Saudi Arabia which represents female artists from all over the world.

Vibrant colors, high contrast, and stencil styles come together in Ayo’s artwork to tell stories of the African diaspora. One of her pieces named Madam D Oga which stands for boss lady, was inspired by an image she saw of Queen Rason of the Maasai. “She had elongated earlobes, she was bald, beads on her body with her traditional garment. She looked like the village boss lady. I thought it was so beautiful” describes Ayo.

Blessed with this creative gift, she has expanded her talents to body painting and taking commissions from lovers of her work. “I have a lot of ideas in the back of my head.

I’m never short on what to do next. When the moment comes, I decide what story I want to tell and what emotions am I trying to evoke.”

— Check out Ayo’s artwork at and on Instagram @ayonobleart.