Meet Arlynn K'Ari one half of the mother-daughter duo known as Kitten Klaws by Kat.

8-year-old Arlynn and her mom have partnered with Color Street a revolutionary dry nail polish strip product that can be used for manicures and pedicures. With one easy step, you can add your base coat, nail polish, and top coat in no time with no major mess. For The Record, we met up with Kat and The Kitten to talk about their Color Street Journey and the motivation behind Kitten Klaws by Kat.

Tell us about yourself and what made you get into the nail business.

Well, I’m 8 years old I like to be active play basketball, swim, and do martial arts but I also like to do my nails. I think it all started when my mom took me to a salon to get my nails done. They would never quite get it right; they would file my nails the wrong way almost like a sawing motion which would cause my nails to crack.

After complaining to my mom about the damage being caused to my nails and how the salon people never listened, we decide to look into a better method. My mom found Color Street and we decided to invest, so not only can I keep my nails nice, but I/we get to sell different types of nail color strips to friends/family, and others.

The dry nail polish strips range from $12-$15 depending on the set which makes it much more cost-effective than a regular manicure.

How did you come up with the name Kitten Klaws by Kat?

Well, everyone calls my mom Kat and Me Kitten and Kittens don’t have nails they have Claws so we thought it would be cool to call my business Kitten Klaws by Kat.

Do you like having your own business?

Yes, I like that I can make my own money especially because I’m saving for my college fund even though I love to do nails I want to go to school to be a veterinarian. Kitten Klaws has helped me build my confidence to speak publicly and social media has helped me learn to promote my product.

How do we find your product?

Our website is you can view colors and order your favorites, we also have bonus gifts and specials every month. So, order now!

— Edited by A. Feleciano