Calling all students and teachers who want to level up their learning game! Forget boring lectures and endless tests – there's a new way to crush school and life in general. Check out Child Support: The R.E.D.D.Y. Method by educator superstar Tedrick Thurmond!

R.E.D.D.Y. for Success?

This book cracks the code on how to succeed in school, not just survive it. R.E.D.D.Y. stands for Relationship-building, Encouragement, Developing strengths, Discovering potential, and Yielding positive outcomes. Basically, it's all about building awesome connections with your teachers, classmates, and even your fam, while unlocking the hidden genius inside you.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Not Just Another Class

"Child Support" dives deep into the power of SEL. It's not some lame extra subject – it's about learning life skills that make you a total rockstar. We're talking emotional intelligence, dealing with stress like a boss, and building the resilience to bounce back from anything.

From Struggles to Superstar: Tedrick's Story

The author, Tedrick Thurmond, gets it. He grew up overcoming challenges, but his dedication to sports turned him into a champion – not just on the field, but in the classroom too. Now, he's a teacher, coach, motivational speaker (think pep talks on steroids!), and all-around awesome dude who wants to help YOU reach your full potential.

This Book is Your Weapon (But for Good!)

"Child Support" isn't your average snooze-fest textbook. It's packed with practical strategies, real-life examples, and enough humor to keep you entertained while you learn. Imagine acing tests, having teachers who actually care, and feeling unstoppable – that's the R.E.D.D.Y. Method in action!

This Book is for YOU (and Anyone Who Wants to See You Win!)

Whether you're a student who feels lost, a teacher looking for a fresh approach, or a parent who wants to support your child's success, "Child Support" is your guide. It's about building a future where learning is exciting, relationships matter, and everyone has the chance to shine. So grab a copy, get R.E.D.D.Y., and get ready to take control of your education!

Tedrick Thurmond Helps Shape The Future of Education & Impacting The Lives of Children with Groundbreaking Book 

Child Support: The R.E.D.D.Y. Method

In his latest book, Child Support: The R.E.D.D.Y. Method, esteemed educator and author Tedrick Thurmond presents a transformative approach to education that transcends conventional methods. Through the innovative R.E.D.D.Y. Method – Relationship-building, Encouragement, Developing strengths, Discovering potential, and Yielding positive outcomes – Thurmond offers a comprehensive framework for educators and students to thrive in today's educational landscape.

Drawing upon his wealth of experience, Thurmond underscores the significance of cultivating deep connections among educators, students, families, and the community. By advocating for the integration of Social-Emotional Learning (S.E.L), Thurmond equips students with vital life skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience essential for holistic success.

Child Support: The R.E.D.D.Y. Method is replete with practical strategies, actionable insights, and real-world examples from distinguished education leaders. From fostering meaningful relationships to nurturing emotional intelligence and fostering student growth, Thurmond's book serves as a guiding light for educators seeking to revolutionize their teaching and learning approaches.

Tedrick Thurmond's personal journey from adversity to success serves as a testament to the transformative power of purpose discovery. Overcoming a challenging environment in Fort Worth, Texas, Ted T's dedication to sports propelled him toward academic and athletic excellence, ultimately leading him to become an influential educator, coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author, and educational consultant.

Through his non-profit organization, R.E.D.D.Y. Leadership Outreach, Ted T has dedicated over 27 years to empowering at-risk youth through leadership, social skills, and personal development training. Using humor, hip-hop, and his charismatic personality, Ted T inspires students to surpass their limits and navigate life's obstacles with resilience and determination.

This book is a must-read for educators, parents, and anyone committed to shaping the future of education and positively impacting the lives of young people. 

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