Egypt Ify Ufele is the embodiment of the common encouraging phrase, "you can do whatever you put your mind to."

As a fashionista, philanthropist, radio personality, author, and director, Egypt has used all her talents, skills, and intelligence in just 16 years to accomplish many goals.

“I am inspired by all of the women around me” she proclaimed, describing the influence her grandmother, mom, and sister have on her. At the age of 10, Egypt was the youngest designer to present an “All Inclusive” line at New York Fashion Week followed by Paris and Milan describing her experience as overwhelming but rewarding.

“I have learned a lot from the industry and how people overlook you because of your age.” Not only does her clothing line make individuals feel good in what they wear, but pets do too! People have a choice of buying clothing items for themselves, purchasing a personality doll, and grabbing some clothes for their pets to match their swag.

Her journey began by making clothes for her dolls which led to her making clothes for people due to being bullied about her weight. Encouraged by her mom she developed her own fashion line, “Chubiiline,” a play on the word chubby. Egypt stated the inspiration behind the name was to “turn a negative term into a positive and to help people embrace who they are.”

As a result, Egypt developed an anti-bullying charity called 'Bullychasers.'

“I want people to remember me as someone who inspires and helps others.” Egypt is an author of a book titled Egypt Ufele: Life by My Own Design, and has also used her platform as a radio personality on Caribbean Power Jam to discuss issues that kids her age encounters.

Amongst her many accomplishments, she is now the director of an upcoming film about her life. One of her most inspiring achievements is her ability to pour into communities internationally by donating the proceeds from her very own fashion shows to help raise money for schools in Montego Bay and in Africa.

It doesn’t end here for Egypt, once she completes high school, she plans to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. Her giving is limitless.

“Don’t let anyone’s words get to you because not everyone’s words are for your benefit. Differentiate what can hurt you and what is for you.” - Egypt Ufele

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