Since Feng Shui decorating is trendy as of late, it’s important to incorporate some of its concepts before you buy your next house.

In terms of using Feng Shui in the house-buying stage, there are things that can be fixed and there are things that cannot be fixed. Feng Shui obstacles that cannot always be overcome are those that are integrated into the very architecture of the home and/or its surroundings.

Here are the top 3 big obstacles to look for when you are inspecting a house for purchase.

1. Look for Poison Arrows.

They come in the form of oddly slanted ceilings, sharp corners and angles, and triangular shapes. From the outside, check the surrounding buildings and houses in the area to see if their odd angles or corners point directly at your house. These are all things that cannot be fixed.

2. Avoid the T-junction.

This is considered to be extremely bad “Chi” because there are no barriers to slow down forceful energies from slamming into your house — not to mention runaway cars! In addition, houses located in a Y-fork may ex­perience the same problems.

3. Seek the High Ground.

It’s important for your house to be situated at ground level or higher. If your house is lower than the road or ground level, this could be seen as a “sinking ship”
in terms of Feng Shui. You will get better Chi flow when your house is at ground level or above in relation to the curb.

An example of a Feng Shui obstacle that can be fixed is a walkway leading straight to the front door. You can soften the energy flow that zooms up a straight path by incorporating shrub­bery or another landscape décor like a bird­bath or garden gazing ball.

These things help deflect the rush of energy. Thus, Feng Shui inconveniences such as this should not hold back a decision to buy that particular house.

Now that you are beginning to see through the eyes of a Feng Shui house buyer, you can do all that you can to ensure the best possible energy flow before you move in.

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