“Chad, Chad, Chad!” is one of the first songs Chad Watson made when he got back into the studio.

Being an artist in today’s age is a journey that only a certain kind of person can experience. First, confidence reigns above all. “I don’t think there’s ever really a good time, you just got to do it,” said Chad when sharing with me his start in the music industry. Ever since coming to terms with that, he has certainly been doing what he must do to make his name known!

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, allowed Chad to make the right connections to begin his rap career. “I knew people who were willing to work with me, so I would go to the studio for free to record music. I would record the songs, have them on my phone, and send them to friends. Before I knew it, I was performing my songs at events.”

Booking shows without having his songs on streaming platforms was a key indicator that he was meant for this. “I would do a show, then after the show, people would ask ‘where can I find your music?’ and I wouldn’t have anything for them.” The hesitation to officially release his music was something Chad battled with in his career. “It was like, this part of you that doesn’t know if you’re ready for that and the other part of you that second guesses yourself and says maybe it won’t be well received.”

Admitting that this is something many artists battle with, Chad shared how he took several breaks before officially taking his music career seriously. “I was in a dark place for a couple of months beforehand. Some friends of mine were asking if I had pretty much given up doing anything creatively. I did not have any motivation, so at this point, I was taking a music course in community college and some classmates of mine eventually found out that I did music and convinced me to let them hear some of my stuff. I decided to get back in the studio after a year or two of not doing anything creatively at all! I started writing first, then after that, I got back in the studio.”

Reminiscing on the first song he made back in the studio, titled “She Don’t Eff Wit Rappers”, is now his most streamed song! Being playlisted on Spotify and having back-to-back interviews, “She Don’t Eff Wit Rappers” has become a fan favorite. “I’ve done radio interviews with different people and they told me they just really like the song. I think it is the format and structure, it has a great breakdown to the bridge. It’s just overall catchy.”

As an artist, Chad’s goal is to simply make the audience feel something. It is no doubt, after listening to a couple of his tracks I felt this intensity and melodic tone from his music. He emphasized there is more in the works! “I have another video to release, press runs and ultimately once the pandemic is over, I’m looking to get back on stage.” In the meantime, check out his recently released songs!

LET IT GO, LET 1T FLOW: “Being an artist in today’s age, is a journey that only a certain kind of person can experience.”

– Photographer: Kayla Ashay

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