"A Little Juju in Every Tube"

Voodoo Bae Cosmetics is an alluring cosmetic line created by the dynamic mother-daughter duo Omi and Ayla. Omi was interviewed in her pink shade Voodoo Baby lipstick and plum liner with a matching pink headwrap. Her lipstick illuminated as she spoke of the inspiration behind Voodoo Bae Cosmetics.

Omi stated that her daughter was always in her make-up as a child and her interest in makeup grew with her as she got older. One day while in the kitchen during quarantine Ayla decided she wanted to make her own lip gloss and Omi thought that was a great idea and added lipstick to the list, “All things Lippy!” she proclaimed.

Omi is also known as Voodoo Bae comes from a long lineage that extends from Nigeria, all the way down south to the Geechee people. When asked how she came up with the name she explained how a Facebook follower randomly called her Voodoo Bae, she loved it and it stuck with her. On the contrary, someone else tried to discourage her by saying the name may scare people away.

Omi encourages her followers by stating, “When you are creating a brand it is important that it rings true to who you are. People connect with my brand because it gives them a chance to relate to me on a deeper level. When you believe in yourself and you give it from that place, others will believe in you as well. Just like that meme says, ‘Show up in every room like God sent you there.’”

Omi is an Osun/Orisha priest and stated that all her products are centered around African religion, tradition, and spirituality. Each color, smell, and name come from the energy she receives as the product is created. Take for instance her body butter in the Voodoo Bae Man collection, which is named Houngan after a male priest in Haitian Vodou.

“It has an earthly enticing smell,” she stated. “I just imagined that’s what a Houngan would smell like.” Her men’s collection also includes Beard Balm, Beard Wash, and Ball Wash. Yes, Ball Wash! “Women have stuff for them, I think men deserve some love down there too.”

Their products extend from “all things lippy” to lip scrubs, body butters, Hemotional merchandise, and waist beads. The waist beads are handmade, and strung by the hands of Omi herself. Washed, sent to Oshun, and blessed. These beads are about “love, abundance, creativity, and sensuality.”

The Voodoo Bae Cosmetics gave Compulsive Magazine the exclusive on expanding the line to eyeshadow, highlighter, and blush palettes, as well as lip liner. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to Get Dolled Up with Voodoo Bae Cosmetics so make sure you check out their website at www.voodoobae.shop.

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