Let us paint a picture. Imagine finally treating yourself to that deep tissue massage you have always wanted.

There is a lovely aroma in the air, the staff is kind, and the massage feels so good you fall into a calm state of relaxation. All of this and more happens at TanyaMarie Naturals Skincare and Wellness. Located in White Plains, NY, it is known by its clients to be “the to-go facility for all your skincare needs.”

TanyaMarie always knew she wanted to work in a relaxing environment. An environment where you can leave your own home and still find the comfort of a home somewhere else. Launching TanyaMarie Naturals Skincare and Wellness was a dream come true.

“I wanted to have my own business because I wanted to make my own hours and come and go as I pleased. My son was still small, so I wanted to work with his pre-school schedule while working in an industry that’s very relaxing and soothing”, said TanyaMarie.

Initially working at a mobile spa exposed TanyaMarie to the experience, she needed, but the urge to have her own facility came quickly. Knowing how important health and beauty are, she spent long nights researching products and ingredients to ensure her formula was everything she wanted.

“I wanted something more on the natural side. A lot of products today link to cancer because of parabens. I was sick of these companies putting bad ingredients and trying to make a quick buck off people.” In addition to her amiable personality and staff, her products seem to be a key component of what keeps people coming back.

“I’ve had women say, ‘oh my goodness. My skin was one way and now look! My skin looks totally clean a decluttered.’ Women can’t believe how their skin is now compared to how it was before.”

Owning your own spa is not always as glamorous as it may seem. Especially with social distancing in place, COVID-19 restrictions limit some of her services. No longer being able to do hot stone massages has been unfortunate, but many other services are still available.

Customers are still welcomed to come in for prenatal massages, shiatsu, reiki, deep cleansing facials, acne facials, brightening facials, anti-aging, and so much more. Offering discounts and giveaways for her spa during these tough times has also helped many women de-stress and find a place to unwind in the midst of chaos.

As a young woman myself who never actually had a spa day, I was curious to know what service is usually recommended for first-timers. TanyaMarie immediately recommended a deep cleansing facial.

“If it’s your very first time getting a facial then I always recommend the deep cleansing one. It means they have a lot of impurities, debris, and pollution under their skin that needs to be brought to the surface.”

Helping women find peace, serenity, and confidence through her spa services is a must for TanyaMarie. Being driven by her passion, having patience, and overall loving what she does has kept her afloat in the beauty industry. Next time you think about your self-care needs, take a visit to TanyaMarie Naturals Skincare and Wellness and indulge yourself in one of the luxurious services.