The Radio Show Like No Other…

Compulsive got the opportunity to inter­view the fascinating women behind the Beauty Cave Radio Show. Airing every Saturday between 1pm and 2pm, August Styles, Key Key Bee, Relisha Gibson, Sannette Nicole and Tommica AKA Mica Meek discuss various topics relevant to the community. Taking a unique spin on a “man cave”, the Beauty Cave Radio Show gives a chance for women to engage in some good girl talk and to either laugh or learn from something they’ve discussed on the show.
The women of Beauty Cave do not filter what they have to say and that is what makes the show most entertaining! You never know what you’re going to hear. This radio show is like no other because each of the ladies have their own unique segment.
Key Key Bee is the “tomboy” of the Beauty Cave. Her segments consists of Key Key Put’s That Ass on Blast, “Key Key’s Got Time Today or her Do’s and Dub’s. Within these segments, you can get a sense of her opinionated personality. She is known to have the unpopular opinion regarding topics discussed on air and is very passionate for what she believes in. Also known for asking the most intriguing questions, this makes her the interview guru whenever Beauty Cave has special guests on the show.
Relisha Gibson is the momager of the show. Sharing knowledge from having her own company and business ventures, she has a segment titled Mom•ish. She sheds light on Mom bosses as well as offers successful tips entrepreneurs can incorporate. The goal is to inspire and empower other like-minded individuals.
Sannette Nicole is the fashionista of the Beauty Cave. Contributing elements from her rich history in fashion show producing; her segment Sannette Nicole Approved includes her opinion on pop culture fashion and fashion events. Listening to the segment, you’ll hear her discuss knowing your worth and feeling confident and sexy in the clothes you wear.
Tommica, AKA Mica Meek, is the Creative Director of the Beauty Cave. Not only is she a host, but she played a crucial part in developing the brand. Seeing a particular vision for the show allowed her to creatively blend each of the ladies personalities for the perfect recipe. When the women wear red lipstick that is the signature look Tommica created for them. She offers her opinion to each of the ladies different segments and keeps the conversations flowing.

August Styles (photo, above) is the producer/host of the Beauty Cave. She ends each show off on a positive note with her segment Positive Vibes with August Styles which leaves the audience with an inspirational quote to get through the week. Quotes such as “Today is a new day, try again.” or “Stop spending your energy on things that don’t deserve it”…spreads a lasting positive message from the women of Beauty Cave.
Since debuting in March 2018, they’ve developed a group of loyal listeners who engage in their enticing topics. While keeping it informative and entertaining on air, the diverse women of the Beauty Cave radio continue to produce great content. Be sure to tune in and don’t be surprised if you find yourself calling in to one of their shows.


– Photos by Kashiem Brown

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