1. How to fill in your brows the best way: Before filling in your brows, brush the hairs down to see where your arch is and where you want to be. Go ahead and fill in where the arch should be before you brush the hairs up. Then, when you brush the hairs back up, they lay on top of where you filled them in, and it looks supernatural.

2. When you run out of shaving cream, use conditioner instead. This is also a good space-saving option for travel.

3. For a summery gleam, body mix highlighter into lotion and spread it over my legs.

4. If your manicure starts to chip, layer glitter nail polish over it. It distracts the eve and hides most imperfections so you can go longer between manicures.

5. Instead of using Biore strips, make a baking soda mask: Add enough water to baking soda to make the mixture creamy, leave it on until it dries, then wipe it off with a damp wash cloth, and moisturize after. Great for getting rid of blackheads!

6. Sleep with a Silk Pillowcase. As silk doesn’t absorb and retain moisture like cotton, a silk pillowcase is much gentler on your hair and face. As a result, snoozing on silk leads to fewer breakouts and smoother hair. That means less time covering pimples and managing frizzy locks, and more time spent in a sublime slumber. Try the 100% mulberry silk pillowcase from The Ethical Silk Company — an eco-friendly option designed to benefit your beauty routine.

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