Five Styles to Get Your Hair Ready for This Holiday Season

1. Effortless Curls

Using a large curling wand, make large curls. This style is great if you’re in a crunch for time because the large curls look effortless and can be achieved in less than 20 minutes.

Don’t forget to add your favorite heat protectant before applying the curling wand.

2. Rod Set (Top photo)

No need for heat tools, just your favorite natural products! A perfect style is using perm rods to create a tight curl. Just grab your favorite mousse and moisturizing cream to create the perfect tight coil. This versatile style is great if you’re unsure how curled you would like your hair as you can break apart the curls for a more relaxed yet still party-ready look.

3. Finger Waves

Finger waves are a classic ‘50s style that was come back, especially around holiday time. This style is perfect for any length of hair and will add a hint of elegance to your beautiful holiday dress.

4. Box Braids

For the protective style queen, box braids are a great choice for a holiday look. You’re able to put them in a bun, pulled back, or just let them flow. You can add decorative clasps found at your local beauty supply store for an extra flair for the holidays.

5. Classic Straight

You can never go wrong with straightening your hair for an event. Using your favorite heat protectant, flat iron, and paddle brush, you’ll be able to achieve this classic hairstyle.

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