There are numerous types of art and even more ways that art is delivered for the world to enjoy. Cinema is one of the most treasured art forms to exist. Whether it be in the com­fort of your own home or in a movie theatre, movies play a special role in our lives.

It’s quite common for us to focus on the actors and actresses that we connect with through cinema, but it’s just as important to focus on the powerhouses behind everything. The people that bring these amazing movies to life for us to enjoy are just as much needed as those who play out the stories. The special people that use their imagination to give us a break from reality and walk us into the lives of the characters they create should be celebrated.

From the ideas and the inspiration behind the films to everything that goes into bringing these stories to life – it’s essential to connect with the people who make the pieces we love happen. Then of course you have those amazing instances when some­one is talented as both an actor and a creator. That would be this gentleman.

Dominating the Ohio film scene, film festivals across the nation, Redbox, YouTube, and very soon Netflix, Compulsive Magazine proudly presents Mr. Mark Cummings Sr., Executive Producer at Awalkonwater Entertainment LLC. Born and raised in Toledo Ohio, Mark began his collegiate journey studying Criminal Justice at Columbus State Community College and this self-published author as well as actor is just getting started. Considering his background, he decided that his idea of justice would be best interpreted in movie form.

Currently on a film festival tour, Mark’s fourth project was nominated for 2017 Best Comedy Feature at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival. His first movie Best Supporting Daddy, in which he acted and directed, was released in 2009 and some of his other projects include The Buyout and a some­what controversial film originally titled Premeditated. Just like with any success story, trying to reach the next level didn’t come without challenges. After joining forces with a distribution company, their first mission was to change the name and illustration of Premeditated.

That company attempted to capitalize off of the unfortunate state of black men and their conflict with police. Mark was very disheartened by what he felt was deception. However, that didn’t stop Mark from continuing to partner with distribution companies.

What Mark has experienced while learning the business and producing movies that need to be shared reflects some of the obstacles that many people in cinema may encounter. It’s so im­portant to be aware of how people may try to exploit your work, but it’s equally important to see how people who are passionate about what they do overcome it and continue on to be successful.

Mark has expressed how he wants to engage viewers by making them feel one with his movies. He either wants to make them laugh with his comedies, pull on their heart strings with challenging family themes like in Holy Hustle, or have them sitting at the edge of their seats with his captivating dramatic films.

Holy Hustle does a superb job of combining a relevant "hot" topic with a comedic interpretation. His film library has something for everyone but one thing that all of his titles have in common is quality and a genuine sense of expression when it comes to bringing intriguing stories to the screen.

Mark is truly someone who lives and breathes what he does and it comes through in his work. Plus having his wife Dana serve as executive producer on every movie is a bonus. He was born to do this and now the world gets to be part of the stories he tells through his movies.

Producing movies isn’t the extent of Mark’s capabilities. When you are as skilled as he is it only makes sense to have your hand in a variety of things. From commercials, to event coverage, to in­struc­tion, Mark has experience in every aspect of visual media. Mark’s work is the perfect combination of relevant social issues with a creative and sometimes comedic twist.

In a time where expression means everything, it is important to support our filmmakers and make sure they get to produce at the level they need to.

He sold out a complete cinema in Columbus for the Holy Hustle premiere, something that hadn’t been done since a Star Wars premiere at that particular cinema.

The awards continue to come in with Best Comedy feature Film award at the Trinity International Film Festival as well as Best Ohio Director for Holy Hustle yet again at The Indie Gathering International Film Festival.

A talented producer like Mark is a great start and we have a feeling he’s just getting warmed up. You can follow his work on his company’s Youtube page, as well as on many other platforms.

His current distribution represen­tation is Leomark Studios in California, and you can stay connected and updated at

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