It’s part of Mexican culture to take things slower, so everyone else in the city is doing things like they have all the time in the world…

I am pleased with the Mexican’s warm and easy approach to tourists. I remember one day as I was strolling the streets near our hotel, a middle-aged Mexican woman who was selling flowers in a street stand asked me so calm and friendly questions regarding my stay, and she even gave me some funny talks of her thoughts about American tourists.

Mexico is a great country with good people. Did you know that most Mexican people prefer titles to salary? This is one of the most impractical and unique attitudes that I have ever encountered in my whole life. Mexican culture is one of the most interesting cultures in the world that can be a good subject for research because of its rich history.

Their culture is mainly dependent on having a strong family bond, religion, and tradition. Aside from these, there is another characteristic that differentiates Mexicans from Europeans and Americans; that is their preference for the title rather than higher salary even if economic problems are lording over. Hence, any Mexican with a professional degree should always be addressed with the title of Licenciado or Licenciada or their professional equivalent.

There’s no easier way to please Mexicans but to utter a few Spanish phrases. Though you may twist your tongue while fumbling for words, they don’t consider it as a humiliating experience. They like hearing you speak Spanish but they can only love you even more for the relentless effort.

Mexicans stand up for their country so never offend their sense of pride and integrity by comparing how you do things on your own turf. Like them for who they really are; it’s the best gift you can offer for their unique culture.

They are always passionate and intense with their emotions, so simple gestures do matter. Never forget to say goodbye after a blessed trip in Mexico because they’ll eagerly expect your next adventure with them. Each country has a way of welcoming tourists around the globe but only in Mexico will you truly feel the sincerity behind the hospitable gestures.

They treat you like a family and make you feel at ease that you’ll soon start to think of how you can thank them graciously in return. The best way is to show them that you care. Learn more about their culture and appreciate their traditions so you’ll have a great Mexican journey.

– Main photo by Miguel Gonzalez

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