Get Inspired with Streetball Legends, Waliyy “MainEvent” and Shane “The Dribble Machine” Woney. This month’s talents share what inspires them…

Alethea Gibbs, USA – Community Activist
I’m an actress, author and moti­vation­al speaker with a passion for com­mu­ni­ty service. My goal is to keep people smiling because it’s too many sad folks in this world. Every chance I get… I en­courage the youth to never give up. There was a time when suicidal thoughts took over me during my depression stage, so I decided to do what­­ever it takes to prevent an unhappy person from committing suicide. My words of inspiration… “Always be honest with yourself and do what makes you happy”.

Jasmine Fields, Switzerland – CEO
I’m a former basketball player with passion for the game and the culture.
I was born in Basel, Switzerland. I mov­ed to The Bronx, NY in 2006 to pursue my dreams. As CEO, of, I enjoy inspiring young girls to follow their goals. I’m dedicated to working hard, and believe no­thing in life should be taken for granted…Something I teach my 3 children. The only advice I can share is… Never Give UP!

Chris Francis, USA – Coach
I’ve been a high school coach for 17 years. A word people often use to describe me is… “devoted”. My family inspires me to be my best… they’re my moti­vation. Relocating from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Compton, California… I experienced many life de­fining situations. My life lessons taught me that the only person who can stop you.. Is YOU! My encour­age­ment to others… “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”.

Compulsive Launch Party
Photos by Tyrone Givens

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