TV host Santana Rodriguez opens up about life, loss and working out.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of those un­wanted kilos that piled on during the holidays, keep reading. There’s a brand new exercise TV show hosted and produced by Santana Rodriguez, the femme fatal of fitness. The half Puerto Rican, half Brazilian beauty is a longtime fitness competitor, has won the Miss Team USA Model Quest national title and has done photo shoots for around 20 international magazines to date.
She dedicated her life to fitness and nutrition after her father fell victim to diabetes, and was confined to a wheelchair.
According to Rodriguez, he was the one person who really understood her, and after he passed, she was inspired to start her own TV show to share the bene­fits of healthy living with other people (to watch, go to at 9 AM EST., shows daily). She saw the dire need to alert people about the im­portance of disease prevention and a consistent exercise regime.
“Shaping up with Santana” is a 30-minute show that airs daily on the Beach Channel broadcast in Miami, Florida.
Viewers can enjoy a full body workout plus learn isometric exercises and useful fitness and nutrition tips.
“It’s essentially for those people who can’t afford to go to the gym, or don’t have the time. I bring the workouts to them,” said Rodriguez, who has a keen understanding of her audience. She includes a high and low impact version of each exercise, to accommodate dif­ferent abilities.

Rodriguez started working out when she was 19, but says back then it was for aesthetic reasons. Now, it’s more about disease prevention.
“Start early with clean eating habits. What you eat today affects your to­morrow,” was the message she wanted to drive home. She strongly recommends diarizing workout regimes and eating patterns to help maintain consistency.
In a society where everyone wants to be somebody else’s clone, women espe­cially are under pressure to look good, and youth are fed a certain standard of beauty by the media, Rodriguez wants to en­courage people to get their own bodies to be the best they can be.
More than body image, she places emphasis on overall healthy living.
“Often people think they are perfectly healthy, but it takes many years for an illness to develop. Start learning about disease prevention and enjoy your meals in moderation,” she said. B
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  • Photos: Noel DaGanta, Hair & Makeup Antonio Guino Maximo

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